Monday, November 30, 2015

What a Missionary Lives For!

Flippin' Mean As Week!!!!!! 

I don't have much time, so I'll tell you a few stories, and make the other ones really short. 

But starting off, we had a baptism this week! Te Naia...finally! It was honestly the most beautiful baptism I've been a part of, and it was because of the amazing ward. They really did their part! There were heaps of people there, and  wonderful testimonies and talks. People were making friends with her and laughing and talking and sharing their conversion stories. Man, it was beautiful! I was chosen to baptize her on Thursday, but I knew Elder Jonsson hadn't had very many yet, so I let him do it and I confirmed on Sunday! BEAUTIFUL! 

Okay... Timoti and his family! They are amazing! They are honestly a HUGE miracle! Timoti isn't baptized yet because he still has some preparations to take care of, but he's the greatest "member" ever! We go over to his home, and he's got all 9 kids at his house gathered around him while they read scriptures together. It's so wonderful! He told us some big news the other day! We were supposed to go feed the homeless with him and his family the day after Christmas, but he told us he couldn't do that anymore. We were wondering why, and he told us he's going to Auckland. Then he said, "My brothers called me the other day, and told me that because of my example, they are getting baptized on the 26th of December!" He said he almost broke down in tears when he heard that! (And if you know Timoti, you would never picture him crying.) Honestly, just typing that almost brought me to tears as well! It has truly been a miracle! 

Those were the biggest stories this week. Now for a few more! ;) 

Timoti taught us the Haka, "Tika Tonu." 

The Preston family (The greatest people in the world) invited us over for Thanksgiving, where we absolutely smashed it! Wow...delicious! ;) 

I went on an exchange with Elder Nikau.. solid!

We're now covering the Mount Maunganui Ward, along with Welcome Bay. That's big news because, starting last week, our area became massive! We cover the beach and the mountain, and it's ridiculously beautiful! But now we go to 6 hours of church, so we're there from about 8:30-1-30. That's a long day! 

Brother Preston is a chiropractor, so we all got adjusted for free after district meeting! Everyone freaked out when they heard how loud my dang neck cracked! I guess I was a little stressed. ;) 

Okay, this is flippin' crack up as! I was caught sleep walking for the first time ever! All of you who know me, know that I'm a great sleep talker! But now, I've stepped up my game to a whole new level! Elder Jonsson woke up when I was walking around for a bit and turned the light on! ;) Haha, too funny! 

I had to say goodbye to some very good friends.  First, Elder and Sister Taylor called me on president's phone to say goodbye...broke my dang heart! I love them so much! I gave Elder Rios a call as well and we said our goodbyes! He's the man! He goes home in a few days!

I think that's about it! If I missed anything.. oh well! ;) My week was flippin' mean as! A week like this is what a missionary lives for!  And it was exactly when I needed it! I love you all so much! 

Oh mama said that it's Melyn's birthday! Woo!!!!!! Happy Birthday! :) You're the bomb! :)

That's me, 
Elder Butler

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