Monday, November 2, 2015

Meanest Week Ever...Mt. Maunganui, Wedding, and Baptism!

(**Kind of a short letter, but lots of pics with captions!) 

Holy flip!!

Meanest week doubt! 

Starting off, for Pday we went to Mt. Maunganui! Wow...beautiful! We went there with a few other elders from our zone (my buddies) and we partied hard. I have heaps of pics, so hold on to your seats! 

Wedding and baptism this week! BEAUTIFUL!!! It was honestly the meanest thing ever! I will just explain the pictures rather than typing all about it. I don't have much time today. 

We got a flippin' flat! Finally! That's why I'm emailing so late today. 

We got a new set. Her name is Tenaia! Wonderful!!

That's all for now. Hold up while I send some pics! :) love you heaps!

Elder Butler 

Top of the mount! ;)
Butler, Chan Sau
Elder B on a cliff. :/
Me and my boys! Left to Right: Elder Chan Sau, Elder Tuahivaatetonahiti (good luck saying that one!), Elder Selma, me and Elder Jonsson. 
This one is for you mom! 
Typical NZ... sunny on one half, raining hard on the other!
It was so beautiful...and pictures don't do it justice.
Otumoetai District
Me and Fat boy!! ;) That's what they call him! ;) All he does is flippin' eat! 
This is my boy Hepara. He gave us some Pounamu (greenstones) the other day! Awesome! 
The Samoan Elders came home with a race track! ;) 
Almost eternal right there! :)
Pukana with the fam!
Timoti had us come eat with them on the "special" table... it was flippin' sweet! First in line for everything. And... his brothers did the MEANEST Haka for him. It was amazing.. and we got front row seats! 
food.. and food. 
Look how cute these little twin girls are. I baptized the one on the left! Her name is Arihia Pearl Rangimarie (wrong-ee mar-ee-aye) Kapea-rehua.  I had to remember that! ;) Haha! 
They are so wonderful. :)

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