Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Book of Mormon Changes Lives!

Kia Ora everyone!! :) 

This week was just so wonderful!! I have so much to tell you.. but I will start off with my experience yesterday!! 

Yesterday was an absolute miracle!! We've been working with our buddy Terry (this 30 year old Maori guy) since I've been here in Taranaki! Every time we see him, he's depressed, and down! As we started to gain a solid relationship with him, we taught him the restoration (about 3 weeks later!! That's how long it took!!) He really accepted our message and accepted the commitments to read and pray about the Book of Mormon! We went there twice last week and, I kid you not, his whole countenance has changed! He seems so much happier! He was up to 1 Nephi 8, so we helped him understand Lehi's vision. The Spirit was so strong! He even offered to say the prayer at the end (that's something he REFUSES to do every time!!) Long story short.. Yesterday was the first time Brotha Terry has ever stepped foot in the church building (we've been trying for over 2 months to get him there)!!  He had a great experience!! The best part of all though was at the very end! We introduced him to Elder and Sister Taylor and Terry goes up and says, "These two brothas are great representatives of your church!" To hear Terry say that was a miracle!! To know that the last 2 months of seeing him have impacted his life.. was such a blessing!! and just knowing that I am an instrument in the Lord's hands is so wonderful also!! 

Next.. We had an Earthquake!! Taranaki wasn't very bad.. but up north was worse!! All the cans in the pantry fell over.. It was pretty funny!! 

We had a waffle party at the Taylor's last Monday! So sick!! There was heaps of food and ice cream and every single topping you could possibly think of!! It was so much fun! 

We went on exchanges with the other Elders! Party!! 

We went to our Brazilian friend Cassia's birthday party! She taught us how to sing Happy Birthday in Portuguese. I told Sister Lifferth that I now understand why Heavenly Father didn't trust me on a Foreign speaking mission!! Holy cow that language is so hard!! Maori is way easier!! But It was a wonderful time!! She made some delicious food!! :) 

Last.. I was almost bitten by a white tail! Well.. kinda! I was mowing a lawn.. and looked down... and there was a white tail about an inch away from my hand! again.. long story short.. I freaked out and refused to mow the rest of the lawn! 

Well.. sorry my email wasn't too long... I do have so much to say! But when I received my emails today.. I didn't get the best of News from a few people!! My big brotha Ben!! Bless his heart!! I love that kid! And I'm worried sick about Sister Thalman... who comes in to email just minutes after we do.. We usually sit and talk to them while they're starting!! :( So my mind is just somewhere else right now!! But I love you guys!! I wish you were here in NZ to see all the beautiful miracles with me!! Have a wonderful week!! 

Elder Butler 

Sunday, April 19, 2015


Kia ora Whanau in 'Merica!!

Sweet as week here in the Naki!! Miracles, Miracles, Miracles... one of my favorite things ever!! 

Starting out... my first District Meeting!! FLIP!! I was scared out of my mind!! I was praying for AGES to have a really spiritual meeting. So I planned really well.. and my goodness, If you were there in that meeting you would know... that the Spirit was so strong.. you could stick out your hand and flippin' touch it!! It was amazing... some of the poor sisters were in the back crying for goodness sake!! The best part was reading 3 Nephi 11:3-14... that is a life changing scripture for me!! I can't read that scripture without crying through the whole dang thing!! Now I'm planning for tomorrow's District Meeting, so hopefully it's as good as last time! 

This week we went on an exchange with the Mania Elders in Opunake. It went really well. Their area is slow as though... we tracted for like 9 hours!  That's a pretty bad exaggeration, but that's what it felt like!! I was with Elder Searle from Bingham, and Elder Canoy and Gerardo were smashing all the Philippenos in our area! 

We went to Normanby this week and walked past these brothas who were playing basketball.. and they waved 2's at us (meaning they wanted to play 2 on 2.) So Elder Canoy and I will never turn that down. So I set up my camera and started the game. The first play of the game Elder Canoy throws me an alley oop and I threw it down with my left hand!! It was hilarious!! I think I had like 5 dunks that game!! ;) It was so nice!! There is a video of the first play.  I'll get it to you as soon as I can! It's already on Facebook.. but I'll give you the real thing so you can share it!! ;) You're welcome mother!! :) But after the first play, the wind blew the camera over!! :/ but all goods!! 

Last night was hilarious!! We were walking in the town at around 8:30 and we passed this little take-away shop (little food joint thing... all over the place in NZ.) And there was a group of about 6 people. The guy in the middle thought he was funny as and he flipped us off. So I gave him a smile and a wave. We take a few more steps and I tell Elder Canoy, "Those guys just flipped us off." Immediately he said, "Let's go back!" So we laughed at the idea for a sec and went back to greet our kind brothers and sisters! We walked in this shop and went over to them with big smiles and started shaking all their hands. Their girls were all giggling and the guy who flipped us off had his head straight to the floor. He would NOT look at us!! He was guilty as!! It was hilarious!! We absolutely KILLED THEM with KINDNESS!! It works every time!! We laughed about it for the rest of the night!! 

That was my week right there... Oh.. Deanne and Steve (the to be continued story).. holy cow... Easy Baptism for the future sometime!! They are glorious!! I quote, "This is the path that I want to take!!" That came from Deanne... I'm so pumped for them!! 

That's all!! 

Laterz famdamily,

Elder Butler

Game on!! ;) 
Opunake Beach.  We ate some fish & chips on the beach for lunch!!
Commanding the "many waters" of Opunake!!
Mt. Taranaki is finally snow topped!!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Every Dang Day!!!

Kia ora Whanau back home!!

This week was another roller coaster... that's for sure!! 

Starting off... We had our Temple trip on Tuesday/Wednesday!! It was amazing!! I absolutely love the Temple! The spirit that is felt there is unlike any other!! I wish I could go there more often... but for now... my missionary work is for the living!! ;) But it was such a wonderful experience like always!! 

After the Temple, I went on an exchange with the New Plymouth elders. New Plymouth is probably the most beautiful place in Taranaki, so it was way cool!! We found a few Samoan houses also, which is always a blessing because there aren't as many Tongan/Samoan down south. But it's a blessing because they feed you heaps! Pumpkin in Coconut creme!! :) mmm!

General Conference was so great! I took 4 pages worth of notes!! I'll have to read them all over again because I was writing 90% of the time!! But I really enjoyed Elder Pearson's talk... He is the Pacific Area president... (He ate ice cream with us once...just sayin') But I loved when he said.. "Every Day, Every Day, Every Day!!" That right there is my only advice to all of you back home!! Flippin' read your Book of Mormon Every dang day!! It's so wonderful!! I've only read it 3 times now.. but I've already learned more on my 4th!! I love the Book of Mormon!! 

Lately our district has been going through some rough times! My companionship included!! This last week was a struggle!! Matthew and Wiki have come to the last 2 sacrament meetings... and seem keen as!! But all of the sudden... her mom and dad WILL NOT let them get married!! Which is important.. if you didn't listen to conference!! ;) So it's been hard!! But during every rough time we've had this week... I've kept my head up with a smile on my face!! I can do that now... because... I know why our message is important to me!! I know that my success is measured on MY commitment alone.. not how my investigators use their agency!! If I've tried my hardest... I can walk away thinking about my Savior telling me, "Well done!"... and I feel much better!! So that's what I'm going to give a training on tomorrow in District Meeting so everyone can have a little spiritual boost!! ;) 

This week flew by.. I drove for 3 days... so that was useless!! But other than that... that's my week!! ;) So I hope you enjoyed it!! ;) I miss you all!! ;) (well.. I don't know who's reading my emails.. but I hope I miss you!! ;) ) And love you heaps!! Have a wonderful week!! I'll talk to you soon!! :) 

Elder Butler

p.s. And yes mom and dad... It's been flippin' pouring here in Taranaki!! It rains a ton!! We just had to sprint to the chapel to email because it's coming down so hard!! ;) 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Nothing...but Miracles!!

Flippin' goodness

I have so much to say.. but not much time!! 

This week was nothing... but miracles!! Holy Cow!! Starting out.. Matthew and Wiki. We found them and their cute little family. They are a young Maori couple! They are literally our best friends!! We've grown way close to them this week. We set him for baptism the first day.. and have been to their house every day since! They made us dinner last night, and we watched "Meet the Mormons." They came to church and loved it!! 

The second miracle was pretty ridiculously awesome!! We were tracting one day (about 3 weeks ago).. having no success, and came to this Maori house. She said we could come back and that missionaries have been there before! So we FINALLY caught them this last week. She told us that Missionaries came about 4 years ago.. and that her husband kicked them out because he's a staunch Anglican. But their member nephew heard that missionaries had stopped by, and he gave them a Book of Mormon. And the husband took a look at it. And in her own words she said, "It changed him... it changed his life!!" "He quotes the Book of Mormon, He stopped smoking and drinking because of the Book of Mormon, and he has sticky notes all over the place with questions." I was freaking out inside.. (the man was at work!:/ ) So this story will, most likely, be continued!! ;) btw.... That is a family of 6, and Matthew's is a family of 4. We're bringing FAMILIES to the gospel!!! 

I had my first boil up the other day! A big Maori meal... beautiful!! 

I played soccer at Sports Night... totally killed it!! I should have continued playing!! ;) haha totally kidding.. It was way fun though!!

I'm reading the Book of Mormon again... BUT.. this time.. I'm finding as many internal evidences that i possibly can! All the Semitic Idioms, The Cognate Accusatives, the Specific Semitic sentence structures, The engravos, and much more!! It's unreal!! Joseph Smith couldn't have done that without the help of God!! (Engravo: best example is Alma 24:19.. They are mistakes made in the Book of Mormon.. mistakes that couldn't be erased on Gold plates so they had to reword it.. or rewrite the sentence... but if you look at Mormon 9:31.. you'll read why they are important!!) and yes.. i know what you're thinking... By the time i come home.. my Book of Mormon will be as valuable as the Gold Plates themselves!! ;) 

The life has been pretty dang good lately!! I'm definitely not complaining!! ;) The work has been better than ever. Last month, our zone baptized more people than Taranaki has ever achieved...ever! It's amazing!! 

I love you all!! Thank you for all of your wonderful emails!! Keep being great!! 

Ka Kite,
Elder Butler 

The Sisters were taking "Flower Pics"... So I had to shoot one too!! ;)

Standing out over the Rocky Opanaki Beach!! And yes...It was REALLY windy.  The tide was HUGE!!

Lighthouse Trip!!

My New Boys!!

New District Leader!! :) 

Me and Elder/Sister favorite people in the whole wide world!! ;)

Check out this dang storm!!