Sunday, January 24, 2016

Service = Happiness

Kia Ora! :)

Solid week! We didn't have much time to proselyte...again! We had meeting after meeting after meeting! We were in Hamilton on Tuesday for a 4 hour meeting, then gave a 4 hour training in Tauranga, church x2 is the usual 6-7 hours. Then a meeting on Sunday night! Man... flippin' crazy! 

But the good news for the week! Lemme tell ya! ;) Timoti is a free man! The courts said he is no longer on probation! So he can get baptized really soon! So we're all so excited! He is the absolute man!

I got a new suit this week! It was a good buy though! It's tight as... meaning my legs are being squeezed half to death! ;) (not really... but close.) But it looks pretty good, I must say! :)  I'm trying to keep it nice so I can rock up at the airport looking like a skux fella! ;) 

This week we took a gift to a man that absolutely hates us! He ripped me and Jonsson apart the other week. He got in our faces and used some very colorful and friendly language if you know what I mean! This week we found a box of chocolates in our flat, so we wrote him a note, stuck a picture of us on it, and Elder Pene went up and gave it to him! ;) Haha it was so funny! 

I'm sorry Utah is so cold right now. But guess what--Tauranga is flippin' hot as! This week I had a miraculous idea. "Hey Pene... let's move our beds into the living room right under the cooler!" Haha so we did! Let's just say that my sleeps are much nicer now! ;) 

This week we had a pretty solid experience. We were tracting one day when we met this lady. She is pretty 30's. She is a single mom of 2 kids, and she was just diagnosed with a type of blood cancer. She was very nice, but just super busy! So we didn't get a "yes" to come back and teach her yet, but Elder Pene and I both received the same prompting to ask about her lawns. We asked if we could help her, and of course she gave us the usual, "Oh, you guys don't have to do that!" So Elder Pene (being the bold fella that he is) said, "Well, how about we don't ask you again, and we'll see you tomorrow around lunch. See ya later!" And we left!  So we came back the next day, and the stinking landlord must have received the same impression.  We were so disappointed. So we knocked on her door and said, "Well, we're already changed into our P Day clothes, so what can we do!?" We looked around and saw her gardens. So we totally smashed them out! Weeds, Cutting trees, you name it! She was so thankful! It was a wonderful experience being able to do a service for someone who needed it! It felt awesome! 

We also did another service for someone in our ward. We went to McLaren falls and helped them set up for a wedding for like 3 1/2 hours. And the sad part was... 2 hours of it for me and Pene was spent untangling lights! I will never do that again! But it was pretty beautiful. I didn't get many pics though, so you'll have to look it up. 

Then we did another service this week. We did 3 big services. This one is kind of funny and ridiculous though! These 2 women were outside painting a fence and we parked the car and asked it we could help. So we got out and she tells us about the paint. They were flippin' painting this fence with a mixture of motor oil, vinegar, lind seed oil, and other crazy things. She said, "When you're poor and trying to pass inspection, this is what you do!" So we laughed, and thought it was outrageous, but helped anyways (even though it stunk up the whole neighborhood!) ;)  

That's all my favorite whanau whom I love so dearly! You're all the best, and I love and miss you heaps!

Ka kite!
Elder Butler

"Come here my friends!" near McLaren falls!

Killer wedding planner there on the far right side!

This goose was not my friend... he tried to bite me!

Tauranga zone!

Welcome Bay at night! 

Monday, January 18, 2016

Elder Pene, My New Amigo!

What's up whanau,

Not much to write about this week as it was transfers on Thursday and it was hectic as!

But I'll answer a few of your questions that you sent. Saying goodbye to Jonsson was hard! He didn't take it too well. Pretty sad! I had a great time with him, and he was a solid companion. Definitely one of my good friends! We visited people and said goodbye for the first 3 days of the week. It was hard for him to leave Tauranga, and I don't blame him! I don't want to leave either! But he's the flippin' man! Much respect for my fellow Swedish brotha! 

Elder Pene (PEN-aye) is my new righthand partner in crime! He's the man as well! He originally comes from up north near Whangarei (don't even try to say that name)... then lived in Hamilton for a while when he attended Church College. Then he went on over to Brisbane Australia, where he lives now. So he's a good fella. He knows everyone here! It's mean as! He's 24, and I was his Zone Leader in Glenview when he was in Frankton! Solid athlete...volleyball player, and good at basketball as well. So there you have it!

Other than that, we had to drive to Rotorua again, to bring another car over there this time. That took ages, so we didn't have too much proselyting time this week.  

After that, some sisters in our zone spoiled us, and shouted us $30 worth of food for lunch! Keen as! :)

Oh, funny story. Me and Jonsson last week were walking down the street when I felt the need to go see this little South American woman who lived close. So we walked around the corner and there were some young fellas--a man and his girlfriend. They looked about mid-twenties. So we went up and talked to them. Then the bro said, "Hey brothas, why don't yous come for a feed on Sunday?" So of course we were keen as (even though Jonsson knew he was leaving!) So me and Pene went there last night. We weren't expecting much. They were young, just flatting in Mt. Maunganui. But we rocked up and they had a beautiful feed waiting for us! Holy cow! It was mean as! Chicken, pasta, kumara and potatoes...everything! And the cool part was, they were both non-members. So they were quite interested in who we were. Really cool people! 

Also, going back to Jonsson. When we had all the missionaries there getting ready to get on the bus, we were saying goodbye to everyone. I started getting all their luggage and putting it on the bus. Then all of the sudden, the bus driver just starts ripping me apart! He was being so rude! It was unbelievable. I had all the missionaries around me.. and he was just being so rude to me! I was a little frustrated! But surprisingly I kept my cool, and patted him on the back and said, "Sir.. thank you for letting us ride your bus!" and left! Haha it probably made him even more mad.. but it made me satisfied! 

That's all for now! Love you all heaps! It's not very good weather right now, so we'll probably just go to the chapel and ball today! But I'll talk to you all soon! 

Love you heaps!
Elder Butler

My new comp, Elder Pene. We are teaching this beautiful whanau. :)

Goodbye to the whanau

Whanau #2

Whanau #3

Whanau #4... heaps of Whanau! This is Bishop's family in the Mount Maunganui ward!

(This sister had Mckay's name for Secret Santa, and made a tie out of one of her dresses as his gift. He loves it, and thinks it makes him Tongan. Haha!)

Monday, January 11, 2016

What the PIG'S EYE?!

Kia Ora whanau!!

Mean emails this week, so thank you so much! My week was pretty solid I'd say. I'm sad you already knew about my pig's eyes that I ate...I had a wonderful story for you! ;) Haha, all good though because I have pics. 

First of all, this is my last few days with Elder Jonsson before he gets transferred to Gisborne. He's been a great companion. We've definitely had our ups and downs! But certainly more ups than downs! Elder Pene is coming here to be with me. I don't know if you remember him. I served with him in Glenview. (We have some pics.) But i'm pretty pumped. I don't ever want to leave Tauranga. 

So starting off on Monday. We went on the meanest waterfall hike ever. It's called Omanawa Falls. It was difficult. We had to use ropes to climb down cliffs, and Jonsson took a good biff down a big hill (pretty hilarious!) It was flippin' beautiful! But not for families because it's hard. I'll send some pics of that as well! 

Here's kind of a cool story for you! I went on exchanges this week with Elder Gish. He's the flippin' man! We were working on finding our purpose in certain areas. So we tried the people we planned for, and they weren't home. So we knocked the doors around it. We ended up finding a 19 year old girl named Jurnee. We were wondering why there were about 15 pairs of high heels outside her door. She's a flippin' bikini model! But that's not the cool part. ;) We asked her about gospel stuff. And then I came up with a beautiful inspired question. And to answer it, she gave a cool experience about how God has helped her. Then she just starts bawling! She was full-on crying--it was awesome!! (It was a good cry.) ;) So we finished talking, got a return appointment, and went on our way saying, "Did that just happen??" It was mean as! 

Elder Gish and I had a mean exchange. We also set someone for baptism in the first lesson. They're cool as. Jonsson and I went back again a few days later, and they're solid! They are a young Maori couple. 

We've been hitting up the gym lately. This is my first time at some sort of gym in 17 months, so I was a little bit worried about how my body was going to work! But goodness, my benching went up almost 20lbs. I was benching 190. That's definitely a highlight for Elder Butler... almost in the 200's! ;) 

We had a movie night with the Prestons and Te Naia. The Restoration movie is amazing! I've seen it over 20 times on my mission now, and I love it every time! 

Elder Gish brought a pig's head to district meeting, for refreshments. It was beautiful. Sister Siale brought Otai as well! So we had a mean feed! And yes, I ate the tongue...and one of the eye balls! We were trying to get to the brain... but the skull was too hard! :/

Well that's about it! It was a mean week! This week should be pretty chill.. Elder Jonsson has heaps of people to say goodbye to. So yah... Life's good! I love you!

Elder Butler

Check this out! We're about 200-300 feet above the waterfall! So it's pretty huge!

Dare Devils. 

This is where our climb started. You have to pass the gate to get to the hike! ;)

Down we go! 

Boom!!! Me. 

The Bros!

The bros round 2! (Left to right.) Jonsson, Gish, Me, Bracken, Hamilton (aka Ham town), Nikau, Chan-Sau. I love these fellas so much!

Now it's, "Yau's...king of the tree stump!"

Great family! This is Sister Vahai and Mel. wonderful people! Mel always lifts our spirits. He gave the closing prayer the other day and was asking for forgiveness.  Touched my heart!

Isn't it cute? It's smiling!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Church Marathon!

Kia Ora! :)

I don't have much to talk about this week. We were gone all week long, and I didn't even see Elder Jonsson very much. 

We went on 4 exchanges. First: Elder Lovin and Selma in Greerton, Second: Johnson and Tapuosi in Whakatane, Third: Chan-Sau and Tuahivaatetonohiti in Katikati, and Last: Elder Tibbits in Welcome Bay. So It was mean as, but not much work in my area. 

I went to Whakatane on the 31st, and spent my time there for New Years. We were allowed to stay up until 12 again, but I couldn't make it! ;) We played ping pong until 11, and it was so fun! Me and Johnson were talking smack all night! (I'm obviously the better ping pong player!) ;) 

Yesterday I went to church for 9 hours. I thought I was dead! We had PEC and Ward Council at 7 in the morning, and two sacrament meetings. I can only handle the spirit for a certain amount of time...then it gets a little overbearing!! ;) Ha!

So I don't have anything else! Te Naia is still doing so well! It's been beautiful to watch her progress! She has changed her life! But other than that, that was my week! 

BUT...I did want to mention something! I had a feeling a couple of days ago to share this in my weekly email! Jaycee and Baylee - Have you ever thought about going on a mission? If not, start thinking about it! Just watching a few of the sisters in our zone--they remind me a lot of you both! And they are smashing it and changing people's lives and being blessed. I know the same thing can happen to you! Serving a mission is the funnest thing ever! You make heaps of friends, and you feel so good doing it! It can be hard sometimes, but it's so worth it! So think about it okay? You still have a few years, but you need to start thinking now! :) 

That's all!! I love you heaps! :) 

Elder Butler

Ohope Beach.. on the way to Opotiki.

The Bros (left to right) Johnson, Tapuosi, Tonumaipea, Christensen, Jonsson, Butler. 

Elder Butler Smashing Elder Tapuosi in a game of Missionary Flat Ping Pong!

So, these are my kicks. They are different pairs (my only pairs). You could say I love to tract--but that would be an understatement. :)

My finger is going through the hole on the left, and on the right my shoe is smiling. :) (Too much positive energy in that shoe!)

Robin: This is a picture I screenshotted of Mckay and about 200 missionaries from the New Zealand, Hamilton Mission performing a Haka that their mission created and learned. In speaking with him about it, he said it was "ridiculously hard," but that they are going to practice it more and re-do it. If you want to watch a news clip from it, here is the link. Pretty cool. :)