Sunday, November 15, 2015

Funny Story :)

Kia Ora whanau,

Elder Butler here... comin' to you with another solid, but tiring week! 

Starting off, we took a beautiful trip to Kaiate falls. Wow, it was unreal! The pictures we took are alright...but man, I wish you could see this! It was BEAUTIFUL! We went with the same crew as last time, with a few additions. Heaps of fun! 

We had probably the worst day of being in Tauranga the other day. My goodness! The people in Tauranga are generally pretty nice, but this one day I don't know what got into people. Everybody we talked to was ridiculously rude! We were so frustrated and we just finally said, "We need to take a break!" We thought we were absolutely useless. 

We played Ping-Pong with Timoti, Terrena, and the family this week! Just a word of caution to everyone: don't try to mess with Elder Butler and the game of table tennis! And I say this in all humility, I can't be beat! ;) (unless your name is Robin Butler. Then I can be beat about 1% of the time! Sorry pops, you didn't make the cut!)

We went on an exchange with the Whakatane elders (Faka Tawn aye) and it was pretty good as well! I got stuck in Welcome Bay though, so I didn't do any traveling sadly! But all good! It was still a great, successful exchange. 

My goodness, let me tell you a funny story! I don't think I shared it last week. If I did, I'm sorry. It's about my dear mission president, President Rudd.  We had a meeting with him and all the other leaders of the mission, called MLC. He started off talking by saying, "Turn with me to the 6th chapter of Moses, verse 38." So we all turned there, and it says "A wild man has come among us!" So we cracked up knowing that president was referring to himself. Then he said, "Look at the footnotes." it cross-references to Genesis 16:12, which says something similar. What we realized was that he was showing us the better definition of himself, which is found in the footnotes for that verse which says, "wild ass!" Haha so president started off MLC by saying that a wild ass has come among us, referring to himself! Haha, flippin' crack up!

But anyways, the week was mean! The church is still true (thank goodness). I'm still alive, even though most of the time it feels like I'm only "partially" alive, or better yet, completely dead! But all good...that's the mish life!

I love you all heaps and missin' ya bunches!

Elder Butler

Kaiate Falls
Jonsson & Butler 
Me and Elder Bracken...baller!
The gang. 
Who knew I was so white that I blend in with a clear waterfall?! :/ #accidentallyfallingoffforaswim
I think this picture is flippin' crack up as!! (From Robin - I'll let you all figure out why.  He's his father's son for sure!) :/

I had allergies.. so in honor of Baylee Butler on her birthday, I stuck tissues up my nose and made "the face." My nose. looks. huge. I promise it's not usually that big! ;) (This is what Baylee does when she has a runny nose.) 

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