Tuesday, November 10, 2015

HOT week!

Kia ora, Kia ora!!! 

What a great week! There's not much to talk about because our whole week was smashed with crazy business... but all good! 

Monday we didn't get much of a P-day. We had to move into our home the whole day! Tuesday we had to drive... and drive.. and drive... to Hamilton to have a mean meeting with President Rudd! Wednesday we had to go half way to Gisborne to take some elders some supplies for zone meeting...took up the whole day. So there's 3 days smashed out right there! 

Alright Thursday... We had a mean Zone Meeting! Elder Jonsson and I gave a solid training and the spirit was beautiful! Then directly after, we went on exchanges with the assistants (Elder Tibbitts and Mathews). It was a great exchange. We got up in the morning and played a game of gridiron (American football)... heaps of fun!

This week has been SO HOT!! Holy goodness gracious! I am literally roasting as I am typing this! My missionary tan line is absolutely outrageous!

So we had 6 of our investigators come to church yesterday! That was such a blessing!! They are 2 families: Tenaia, our set at the moment, brought her four kids and another family member child. And Timoti brought his family of five kids. So we had flippin' 10 kids at church! Just buildin' up the primary! ;) But honestly, I feel like this area is trying to tell me something. I'm gonna have heaps of kids! Haha, totally kidding! But seriously, all of our investigators have HEAPS of kids!

We took a beautiful drive to Opotiki this week to meet my long lost grandson, Elder Christensen, who I played ball with in like 5th grade or something. It was a mean visit. We all went out to lunch and had some delicious Butter Chicken!  

So that was pretty much my week. It was pretty solid overall. Nothing crazy, but I'm still lovin' it! I can't believe I've hit the "single digit months left" category! I feel like an old man! I miss my family heaps though! Not homesick or trunky or anything like it, but I just love them so much! 

Last, but definitely not least, here's a quick shout-out to my sis, Baylee! I hope you have the happiest birthday ever! Sweet 16 sista! WOO!! I love you heaps! Just because you can date now.. doesn't mean you have to! (until I come home!) ;) You're the bomb! I'll be there for your next birthday! :) Love ya sis!

Elder Butler

ROASTING HOT!!! #tractinglikeachamp

Me and my bud Elder Christensen. 

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