Sunday, November 22, 2015

What I DO know!

Kia Ora my favorite people!

It was an alright week for us. Elder Jonsson and I worked our butts off though. Every day we were just absolutely exhausted! I feel like this week was successful for us, and for our investigators. 

Tenaia is getting baptized on Friday, and that is so wonderful! She's changed heaps since I met her last month, and It's so amazing! We also have another set for December! She is doing really well too. The work is flippin' hard as.. but I'm loving it. As I look back to where I was before I left, I've changed heaps!

 I don't know if I've mentioned this already, but I will again if I have. Before I left, nothing really shook my faith...ever. I lived in flippin' Mormonville, Utah for goodness sake. I was brought up with parents that loved the gospel. I was surrounded by my friends who all had high standards. My life was great, to be honest. Now, being on my mission, I'm exposed to everything against our church. I've been exposed to the reality of Satan and his works. I've had faith-shaking experiences where, if I wouldn't have held tightly to the iron rod, I would have wandered off in the mist of darkness all the way to the great and spacious building. That is where Satan wants me to think I belong. So now that I've overcome those things, I'm much stronger! I'm holding on to what I DO know and not minor doubts, like the modern prophets and apostles have told us! 

I had a few things I wanted to share today that I'll mention in a minute.  Right now I want to focus on what I DO know! I KNOW how I felt as I entered the temple for the first time and saw my parents there waiting for me. I KNOW how I felt as I listened to Elder Bednar give his amazing testimony, 10 feet in front of me, of the divinity of the Book of Mormon. I KNOW how I felt when Elder Cook bore a powerful, special witness of the Savior Jesus Christ...and when I was able to shake his hand. These are just a few, but I know them to be true!

Mom, your letter broke my heart a little bit today knowing that people are leaving the church. But this is an invitation that I give to all of my family members and friends. Bear your testimony the first week of December! I have been studying "Strengthening Testimony" lately in the morning, and heaps of times the apostles say, "You strengthen your testimony as you stand up and bear it!" So like Moroni on the 529th page of the Book of Mormon, I invite you to do these things.  I KNOW It would bless you! So please take the invitation. Bear your testimony. Read the Book of Mormon daily. Magnify your callings. Don't. Let. Me. Down! But more importantly, don't let the Lord down! "For what our Savior, Jesus Christ has done for us... we should never fail him!"

On that note, I have no more to say besides I went on a very good exchange this week with some great elders! 

I look forward to hearing from you all soon! 

Elder Butler

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