Sunday, December 6, 2015

Elder Butler...who happens to be in New Zealand ;)

Oh my goodness.........

Mean as week y'all! ;) The emails I received are ridiculous as well! Brett is flippin' engaged.... what??? :) So happy for you bro! You're the man! Also, BYU got spanked in basketball! That's always a positive. The Scanlans sent me an email telling me that they have moved to Redoubt, and are going through the temple in February! SO EXCITED!! Wow, don't you just love it when life is going great!? It's a wonderful thing, that's for sure! 

Of course, as well... a little shout out to someone over in Brazil! ;) Hope you have the happiest birthday ever Hanna! I hope the wonderful people over there make you some delicious alligator or something yum!! ;) 

Now...My week was pretty solid. We had transfers this week, and thankfully Jonsson and I are staying in Tauranga! I mean, you can't seperate the dream team! ;) Haha, I say that in all humility!

Our investigators are all doing well. Our zone is smashing it, and Tauranga is still beautiful! 

I was so pumped yesterday. I walked into sacrament meeting for Welcome Bay, and there was Sister Fitzgibbon! I was so excited to see her! We served together in my first area, and she died there, so it was awesome to catch up! 

Last night we got a call from the Opotiki Elders (Elder Christensen) to give a blessing at the hospital to a Maori man. It was a great experience! He was not a member, but he really respected who we were, and loved the company. He was asaulted a couple days earlier, and had to get his eye removed because of it! So we gave him a blessing and it was beautiful! He was very grateful! (He'll be baptized sooner or later!) ;) 

We had 2 awesome ward activities on Saturday! The first was with Welcome Bay and that was mean as! We played volley, dodgeball, ate heaps, and the ward is just amazing. It was at a park...on the beach!! The second was at the chapel with Mount Maunganui, and we just ate heaps and talked, so that was good as well! 

The Prestons are amazing people!  I hope you all have the chance to meet them someday! If you don't, then your life is not complete! ;) We went to get adjusted at his office the other day and he says, "I'm going to get you guys an appointment right now." So he picks up the phone and calls one of his clients. We had the meanest lesson ever with the Prestons and their two South African friends. It was beautiful! If every lesson was like that, we'd have about 100 million members of the church! 

That's about it for me this week! Things are continuing to be great! I just need to remember that God has given me all these wonderful experiences, and it's not because of my personal strength or wisdom. Because as soon as I get a little hot headed... I receive a few trials! So if you feel like my email was a little too confident, tell me and I'll try to cool myself down a bit! ;) 

Love you all heaps!!

Elder Butler...who happens to be in New Zealand ;)

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