Monday, October 26, 2015

Elder Jonsson from Sweden

Kia ora my favorite people!!! 

Man.. Tauranga (Toe-wrong-uh) is flippin' mean as! My companion is the flippin' man as well! Elder Jonsson (Yawn-son) from Sweden. We came out together 14 months ago. Good ol' MTC days! We're way pumped to work with each other, and have completely smashed it so far!

Tauranga is absolutely beautiful! Look up Mt. Maunganui (Mawng-uh-new-ee) on google...that's my area!  My ward is called Welcome Bay.. that just screams, "amazing!"

The people here are the bomb as well, and the ward is awesome! Two families are from Farmington and one is from Kaysville, so I feel like I'm right at home! It's a tough area though because it's very rich!

We're teaching a family. Their names are Timoti and Terrena. We are baptizing Timoti soon and his 2 little identical twin girls. They have 5 beautiful kids... but they are CRAZY! Their wedding is this I'm just way pumped! 

Now for the bad news about my new area. Right before I got here we were pushed out of our flat because another family was moving into it. So we're currently living out of our suitcases in another companionship's flat. We're living 20 minutes away from our area in Te Puke (Teh Poo-Keh).  The elders we are staying with are both Samoan, so it's been a fun stay! We're with Elder Maiava and Nikau. One day they came up to us and asked what we wanted for lunch and said they would shout. (Go pick up the food). So we asked for Subway. They come rolling back to the flat a little later with 2 footlongs, a few nice pizzas, Turkish kabobs and drinks. I love how Samoans do things...go big or go home aye? 

That's about it for now. Mom, I'm sorry I don't have very many pics yet. BUT we're going to the mount today, so next week you'll have some, I promise! Anyways, you're all the bomb! Love ya heaps!

Laterz from paradise,
Elder Butler

This is my crib, haha! 
Me and my new companion, Elder Jonsson :)

Me, Rios and the big fella.. Ray Te Kani

Alex and Tina... dinner every Wednesday!!:)

This is my good buddy Milo... reminds me EXACTLY of Riley!

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