Monday, August 31, 2015

Using the Priesthood


My mother is going to be so proud!! I kept her commitment and took pictures! She is so blessed to have me!! ;) ha 

This week was solid! We started it off by going to the Hamilton Gardens on Monday. Took some pics there and it was a fun time, but started raining. (like usual.)

Then we received a weird call from Sister Saunders in the mission office telling us that we were needed somewhere to be filmed for a new message for the Pacific Area for the Priesthood. So that was fun. I had my 2 seconds of fame in that vid!! ;)

I made a bet with Elder Hopoate... and he lost.  So he had to take an ice bath after planning! Flippin' hilarious! ;) 

My goodness, the Sisters give us the WORST referrals ever! We went and contacted their first referral.. and he was completely possessed! It was scary as! Then, the next one we met was drunk out of his mind. He was hugging me and Elder Hopoate.. and we were just trying to get away the whole time! ;) Never again will I go see a referral from the Sisters! ;)

Sad story... :( My favorite investigators ever--Daniel and Mily (Our Brazilian investigators.) They couldn't find a job in New Zealand so they were pretty much forced to go back to Brazil! So we went over there and said our goodbyes. Their son Moises, flippin' cute as, gave us hugs and said goodbye to us in his broken english! ;( It was way hard! But I have high hopes for that family! I know we helped them... we planted a good seed! :) 

We went to the VC (Visitor's Center) twice last week! The Spirit was so beautiful both times! The first time I fasted to allow us to notice more miracles in our area, because we didn't feel like we were having any! So we took this nice, very smart lady to watch the Joseph Smith movie. She found some anti stuff a few days before so she had heaps of questions, but wanted to watch the movie to get our side of things. We watched the movie, and it went okay. Nothing too crazy happened. So I was very disappointed. I had faith that we were going to have something happen! But nothing really happened. BUT.. we went to the VC again that night with Maria and watched Meet the Mormons, and when it was finished, one of the senior couple missionaries came over to me and Elder Hopoate. He said, "Hey... do you remember that lady you brought in a little while ago?" we said yes. Then he said, "Well... she stayed at the Visitors Center for over an hour after you left.  I was able to answer her questions that maybe you might not have been able to! (they were very difficult!!) And she was very pleased, and accepted the challenge to read and pray about the Book of Mormon!" We were very excited! It was something so small... but I definitely see it as a miracle! 

This week, one of our members got in a serious car accident, and was in critical condition.  He fell asleep! The firemen had to cut his car to get him out.  So we were called to go to the hospital again to go visit with him. We got there a little early, so we just walked around for a bit. Then this member comes up to us, from Temple View! "Elders... my mother goes in for surgery in a short amount of time... and there is nobody in my family that can give her a blessing because they're all away. It's a miracle that I found you!" So we went up and I gave her a blessing! They were very happy! They were saying how God truly put us in the right place! It was such a neat experience!  After that, it was time to see our member who was in the accident. He looked like he was doing a bit better! Tubes all over the place, cuts and bruises. He also asked if he could get a blessing.  I was then called upon, again, to give a blessing! Very wonderful experiences in the hospital that day, being able to use the Priesthood! 

Our investigator Melese came to church yesterday! He's from Ethiopia! Skinny little fella, and very soft spoken! But it was wonderful to see him there and have the members greet and welcome him and introduce themselves. 

Last story... it was kind of funny! So we met these Indian fellas. They told us we could come back and share a message with them. So we went yesterday! There are 3 of them! We talked to the first one, who we were more familiar with. He said his name was Singh. Then I said, "And what are your names?" The second one shook my hand and said, "Singh." So I thought it was pretty great... alright we have Singh 1 and Singh 2. "And what's your name buddy?" The third one shakes my hand. "My name is Singh!" Haha I'm teaching Singh 1, 2, and 3... all in the same house!! ;)  It is a pretty popular name though. I've heard it a few times! ;) 

That's all for now!! I love you all! :) 

Elder Butler 

Daniel, Mily, and Moises 
Elder Hopoate and I went for a walk!! Romantic as aye?? I know..... 

My friend. 

I'm trying to look like Eminem... did I succeed?? :P

Trees here grow flowers.. I don't know why... ;) 

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