Monday, September 7, 2015

A Pig's Feet Farewell to Elder Hopoate!

Kia ora whanau!! 

This week was pretty good! Elder Hopoate goes home tomorrow! :/ I'm gonna miss the big fella! He is the man! But I swear, he's trying to make me trunky because the only thing he can think about is getting married. We get out of one of our member's homes last night, and they have a niece that stays with them that just got home from her mission, and right when we get in the car he says, "Elder Butler, she is the one!" "I know it! She's the one!" He was freaking out the whole rest of the night! :/ Haha it was hilarious! But I'm trying to keep him "working" before he goes! He is scared as to date! Haha because he hasn't done much before, so it's crack up as to listen to him! 

P Days are absolutely terrible now. Because of the new rules, we aren't allowed to associate with the sisters at all on p days. So... we stayed in our flat. I threw down a mean workout while Hopoate slept. Then... listen to this fun... I ironed my shirts! I...Ironed... :/

Lisa, Jing, and the Wu family fed us on Sunday. Hairy pigs feet!! (my mom will post pictures) Yum! They were pretty solid! Not as nice as chicken feet, but better than pigs ear, that's for sure! My poor mother was grossed out when she found pictures of them on FB! ;) But they fed us a mean meal last night! They are the bomb! 

Funny story! We took one of our investigators to the Visitor's Center last week, and we couldn't find any males in our ward to give him a ride.  So of course we call, the one and only, Lisa. Long story short, he hit on her the whole time! It was too funny! He was then, magically, keen as to come to church--which had never happened before??? 

We found some really keen investigators this week! Very excited about them! We went on Exchanges with the youth in our ward to show them how it's done! ;) And we totally killed it! Mean lesson with our new investigator! But poor Elder Hopoate and his companion were stuck without a car, in the rain, and their appointments fell through... and they had to wait for us to finish! ;) Poor fellas. 

I also went on exchanges this week with Elder Pene (from NZ) and Elder Manoa (from Hawaii). Lots of fun! 

That's all for now! Transfers are on Thursday, but I will find out who my new companion is today! So I'm way nervous, but very excited! Hopoatamus is bouncin' on out of the NZ and heading back to the states! Love the fella! That's all! Laterz!

Elder Butler

Elder Hopoate's farewell dinner. 
Dinner prep. This family is awesome! 
Lisa getting a little creeped out by the pigs feet. 
Elder Hopoate doesn't seem to mind that there's HAIR on this one. Ew! 
Elder Butler needs to read the chapter on the word of wisdom again. 
With Lisa's dog, Felicia. 
With Lisa at the Visitor's Center. 

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