Sunday, August 16, 2015

David Archuleta and Brad Wilcox

Kia ora whanau!

I'm pumped as to email you today, but I'm finally getting over a migraine right now as we speak! I was super bummed because I haven't had one in over 9 months!! But I'm still dying right now.  Hopefully it goes away soon. 

The week was solid! Let me tell you a great story that happened! We were on exchanges with the Morrinsville Elders when I get a call from Elder Hopoate! He says, "Elder Butler, we have great news... the assistants just called, and we're having a special zone conference with just a few zones in our mission. David Archuleta, Brad Wilcox and Sheri Dew will be there!" (Sheri Dew ended up not coming because she stayed in Auz.) But still. David Archuleta sang, "I believe in Christ," "Come, Come Ye Saints," and "Be Still My Soul!" Some of my favorite flippin' songs!! And Brad Wilcox was the man! His training was so mean! After it finished, David and Brad came down and talked to us for a bit.  David actually lived in Centerville for a while.  I didn't know that! But oh my goodness, David Archuleta is like 5 ft. tall and 100lbs...on a good day! He was tiny! But his voice was of the angels in heaven!

Next... We took bishop to a lesson with our Brazilian friends on Friday night. When we were all finished, Elder Hopoate says, "Hey, if you ever need anyone to give a talk in sacrament meeting, just let us know!" Then bishop looks at me! "Well I guess it's Elder Butler's turn aye?!" I didn't know he was talking about the Sunday in a day and 1/2! ;) He texted me the topic on Saturday morning, and I prepared a mean talk for the following day! Haha, it was the bomb! 

Other than that, I got sick. I've had the worst sickness this week! No throwing up luckily, but coughing up a storm and just weak as! So that's been a bummer, but we've pushed through! 

Anyways, I love you all!! Have a wonderful week! I'm so sorry for my short letter. I'm just really feeling down with this headache! 

Elder Butler 

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