Sunday, August 2, 2015

My Posterity is Flippin' BEAUTIFUL!

What's up everyone?!

Okay, tons of my emails were about the new 6'7" guy and the other tall guy that just came in. Let me tell you all about them! The 6'7" guy is my great grandson!  I'm a flippin' great grandfather! (I've been out for ages!) I trained Elder Lingwall, he trained Elder Fellingham, and now he's training Elder Bowman! So yah...  He says he plays ball, but he seems WOH as!  He's in my zone, so we'll ball hard. The other one though... (this is funny!) The other tall guy is Brady Christensen. Brady...the one that was on my basketball team in like 5th grade! He comes up to me and says, "Elder Butler, I don't know if you remember me, but I was on your team years ago!" Haha, the man!  He's playing football for BYU when he gets home! He's about 6'5 and can flippin' throw down!  We'll have some nice dunk competitions. (I got this!) Oh, even better...he is my grandson! Elder Lingwall is training him! My posterity is flippin' BEAUTIFUL! Full of athletes - every single one! :)

So there you go! I hope that answered all your questions! 

This week was transfers! Don't expect me to leave for the next 3 months. That's my guess!  Elder Hopoate and I are still together for 1 more until I kill him! He's the man though!! But big news - guess who is back in my zone?! Elder Flippin' Canoy!! What the heck?! Haha, he's trunkier than he's ever been! Oh boy! Transfers is always the bomb though.  We get unlimited free subway, so I gain a few KG's every time! ;) 

Funny story... We were talking with everyone the other day, and we see this young Maori couple. (They might have been drunk.) I had talked to him before but not her, so I came up and said hi and introduced myself to the wife. I leaned on the pole and shook her hand. I guess that came off flirty or something because the guy said, "Man, I'm going to bash your head in if you look at my Mrs. like that again!" Haha, then Elder Hopoate steps in and tries to defend for me, and the bro gets mad at him and makes me speak. Haha I was like, "Man, I'm a flippin' missionary! I'm not worried about your 'Mrs.' You don't need to worry about us!" He was so mad! It was absolutely ridiculous! So we just walked away. 

We had a ward soup night.. Solid! I love ward activities that deal with food.  You can always count on Elder Butler being there! :)

My goodness, Satan is such a turd. He gave one of our investigators some Anti-Mormon false doctrine. Elder Butler and Hopoate to the rescue! We shoved it right back down Satan's throat! We came out of that lesson with our investigator understanding.. and the spirit was with us! If you lived in the presence of Jesus Christ and Satan, and you wanted to know the truth about the restored gospel, would you ask Satan and his demons for some quick facts?  Come on people.  It's the same today.  If you want the truth,  read the dang Book and pray about it! Simple...but yet so hard for some reason!

That's all for now! I love you all, and hope you have a wonderful week!! 

Elder Butler 

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