Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Hello Fam!!

It's me again! ;) Honestly, I have hardly anything this week! We have really been struggling finding keen people lately!  It's been a bit frustrating at times. So we have spent our week finding...and finding...and door knocking...and talking with everyone...and more finding! ;) So I don't have any miraculous experiences to share today. 

BUT I did eat a pigs ear.. or 5 or 6. Lisa and Jing took us out to dinner one night... and that's one of the meals they ordered, because they know how I am with trying outrageous food! ;) Next week Jing is making pigs feet!  Haha, weird. But they are my favorite Asians ever!! ;) 

We received a special assignment from President last week. Brother Laurie, one of the older members from my last area, (Hawera branch) was flown to the Waikato hospital. He's 93 and 100% deaf, but he's the man! So we went and visited him, gave him a blessing, and talked to him for a while by writing on a little whiteboard. He was very happy to see us. He told us his war stories and how he was baptized, just like old times! ;) 

Also, we had interviews this week. We were able to give a training to our zone, and see President and Sister Rudd. They are the bomb! 

Honestly, that's all I have written down on my little 3x5 card for this week. I know... boring! I'm sorry! But, I have continued to learn heaps while on my mission! I've learned to love people for who they are! I've learned to work hard! It's been very good for me! 

So Elder Hopoate committed me to be better at writing in my journal because I'm horrible at it! So starting on Friday.. I have started my second half of my mission journal! Oh.. but my study journal is cash money! I'm pretty proud of that! ;) 

But anyway, The church is true! my testimony grows every day! The mission life is flippin' hard.. but it's the only place I want to be right now! (Even though my mom sends me pictures of her golfing, and heaps of other stuff, trying to make me trunky as!) But all goods!! ;) New Zealand is the bomb... I've enjoyed being here in Hamilton!! 

That's all! :) I love you all! :) Have a wonderful week! 

Elder Butler 

Pigs ears!

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