Monday, July 27, 2015

Eating Some Crazy Stuff!

Malo Soifua everyone!!!

O a mai oe!?! (I'm trying to learn Samoan from my main man Elder Patea!!) 

This week has been ridiculous! Heaps of bad stuff.. and lots of good also! A few bad visits with investigators dropping us and not finding anyone! But all good!! We're still moving forward!! Not too much to talk about today, but I'll tell you something that will hopefully give you a good laugh! 

Elder Patea has language study every night around 8:00. He reads through the Book of Mormon and we define words for him. So one night (this is horrible I'm sorry!! I hope this doesn't offend anyone!! haha) He was reading from the book of Mosiah, chapter 12 verse 5.. which says, "they shall be driven before like a dumb ass." So picture Elder Patea learning English and being so confused. "Elders... What's a dumb..... ass??" Haha it was hilarious!! So we explained it... and told him to not use it very often!! ;) 

Tonehsha Reti. Baptized!! Success!! Saturday was a great day! We had a baptism.. and it was so solid! The feed afterwards was a bonus also! (When heaps of Maori's get together for a celebration... you'd better come with an empty stomach!) But listen to this: As we were eating lunch one of our favorite members, Lisa, calls and says she wants to take us out to lunch with our Ward Mission Leader, Brother Tichborne. Lisa is from Cambodia.. so she took us to this authentic Asian food place! It was dang nice.. BUT.. we were eating some weird things. We ate heaps of chicken feet, sweet chili cow intestine, pork suii mai (mmm), prawn dumplings, and other crazy stuff. They even had shark there, but we didn't get any!! :/ But I told her that it was the most interesting lunch appointment that I've ever had since I was fed frog legs!! But I love trying new stuff!! :) 

Our investigators Daniel and Mily are the bomb!! They are just sincere as!! I absolutely love them. And Mily is making us a cake on Friday! :) She said that Cakes from Brazil are really nice. So I'm excited to get some in my stomach! :) 

That's about all for the week!! I'm playing some mean volley today (I played last week too!! Jacked my back up, but it's all good now!! :) But it was dang fun because it was all elders... so you didn't have to worry about killing anyone!) So I'm very excited!! I just love islanders!! They are the greatest people!! They are so solid at volley, and make the most wonderful food!! The Lord knew exactly where Elder Butler needed to go!! ;) 

That's all I've got for today!! So I love you all!! :) Have a wonderful week!! 

Fa soifua,
Elder Butler

"Mom...I'm eating a chicken's foot!" :)
This is what we learn upon the Isles of the sea!! ;) Lunch.... New Zealand style!! ;) 
Soon to be Eternal!! ;) Tonesha's baptism!! #theretifamily

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