Sunday, December 28, 2014

Merry Kilisimasi, Meri Kerehemete, Meli Kelikimaka, Feliz Navidad, and Merry (late) Christmas to all of you!! :) 

Wow.. it was so good to see my Whanau's beautiful smiling faces last Friday!! :) I forgot how good looking they are!! ;) (well.. besides my twin ... I don't have too much to say this week because i already said it in my call... but i'll see what i can come up with.

Oh.. last Monday we played American Football for P Day.. It was so dang fun!! I don't know why i wasn't a receiver.. I would have smashed it;) 

I got all my packages and everything... I absolutely loved them.. you can probably tell by the smile on my face! It stayed there all day long. I think i'm still feeling the cheek pains from smiling so much!! 

I ate a Dragonfruit and a Pawpaw for the first time.. Neither of them were very good by themselves.. but we made a mean fruit salad and it was delicious. 

We did a service project for some neighbors of ours.. long story short.. they are our great friends now.. and we made them new investigators.. and he's a Baptist pastor.. so that was an accomplishment!! :) 

Other than that.. this week was good... Christmas was so nice!! I've never eaten so much in my life!! Sister Park fed us like we were 2000lb ogres!! But it's all good.. i survived!! Now... I want to listen to Hanna's talk.. so you'll have to forgive my short letter!! ;) 

But i love you all!! I have the best family and friends in 
the whole world!! 

Ofa Atu,
Elder Butler 

We did a Nativity scene at the Pereira's FHE. I'm Joseph.. the good looking one in the middle!! :) 
The Crew
Sister Park gave us WAY too much food to take home.. so we made Peter come over and share it with us!! ;) 
I totally smashed Lingwall in Ball!! #postplanningb-ball
Mom.. I can't believe you sent me Tortuga!! That's probably the funniest thing i've ever seen. I'm taking it with me everywhere now!! ;) 

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