Monday, December 22, 2014



Wow.. I just love you all!! 

It was a wonderful week!! To start out.. we went to Camp Tuhikaramea for a mission conference. It was so sweet. It was this beautiful camp ground area with the temple in the back ground! The best part... I hung out with my boy Wangsgard the whole time (because every missionary from Hamilton was there.) I love that kid. We talked for AGES about what's going down in Manurewa! He was pumped as to hear we've had so much success. He's a funny guy.. He's struggling though. His companion is not the greatest. I quote "man... I wish I could just start out again as a new missionary and be trained by Elder Butler!!" It was pretty funny hearing that from your own father (elder Wangsgard) 

Oh, I totally forgot to tell you the crazy news last week. I sang with the missionaries in my ward for a musical number in Sacrament. Probably the scariest thing I've done.. but totally nailed it (let's be honest) ;) 

My wife will be gorgeous if the whole "the more you work in the rain" thing is true!! Haha.. It smashed us this week. On Wednesday we walked in the rain for Ages!! It was easily the hardest rain i've ever been in!! My shoes had about 1cm of water in them.. So i took them off and left them in the flat over night. I woke up the next morning.. and they had things growing around the inside of them!! It was crazy!! It ruined all the Book of Mormons in my bag and everything (Terrible) !! It was so sweet though!! :) I love the rain!!  

This week i went on Exchange with Elder To'a again!! It was good.. But i don't really have anything else to say!! ;) ha

Man!!! Sis Scanlin got us new Lava Lavas!! They're mean as!! I have 4 now. Red, Green, Purple/blue, and a formal Black!! They are so tight!! I love her!! :) 

This week we also went to the temple lights as a ward. Bishop got us permission to come because we had investigators and less actives going! It was so fun!! We got back home at like 12:30 though.. so the next day was terrible. It made me miss Salt Lake though!! I absolutely love the temple!! I miss it so much!! I've learned quite a bit about it lately and it totally makes me want to go back!! I was lucky enough to go there like 12 times before i left.. but now i'm thinking.. "man.. why didn't i go there like 30 times!! :/ 

So a couple of letters ago you'll probably remember i mentioned me and Elder Prasad were throwing the football and found an investigator by doing so. Well this big indian fella's name is Avinesh. He had no belief in God at all, but he was in a Christian family. So we taught him about god and got a return appointment. We walked in his house this week and the first thing he says "I think i'm starting to believe in God now!!" I was like, what the heck.. that was easy!! ;) So we taught him the Plan of Salvation to really show him the blessings that come from knowing our Heavenly Father... and after we finished, we got up to leave when his mom stops us and says... "Alright.. dinner's ready!!" (she absolutely loves us!! It's hilarious) So we couldn't say no.. so we ate dinner, got up and started to leave with lots of gratitude.. and she says, "no, no, no.. It's time for dessert!!" I had to suffer through a big dinner and dessert... after i already ate a big dinner!! uhh... I love her for her kindness.. and understand how happy she was because we were helping her son.. but she almost had throw up on her floor because of it!! ;) 

It really was such a great week though!! I love you all!! You guys mean the world to me!! Thank you for all the support and love back home!! Malo Aupito!!

Merry Christmas!! 
Ofa Atu,
Elder Butler

Me.. Jammin with my boys at the temple!!

Me, president Haurua, Sister Katoa, Elder Lingwall

Here you go mama.. another pic of me and Big, Dirty Jon!

Me, Elder Lingwall, and the Scanlins. oh.. it was so funny... When we were at the temple, random as girls would just come up to me and Lingwall and ask us for pictures!! ;)

mean as Lava Lava's from Sis Scanlin :) 

The Beautiful Temple

just after the rain smashed us!!

Mission Conference... if you look to the left.. There's a few trees. But it's actually the end of this massive forest!!

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