Monday, December 1, 2014

Another Week in the Ol NZ!

Kia Ora my beloved Whanau,

I don't have much to talk about this week. We did a ton of service... so if you want to hear how phenomenal I am with the lawn mower.. then let me know!! ;) But it was a good week. We did a lot of finding, and really succeeded. 

The other day we had a ward activity at the park... easily one of the funnest times on my mission so far. We started out by playing a traditional Maori sport called Kiorahi. It was way fun, and it involved a lot of running.. so that's always good. The weather was mean as too.. it was raining pretty bad, so it made the game more fun because you would slip all over the place and get drenched. (but it did result in 2 rolled ankles, and a possible broken toe by a few members... but it was totally worth it:) ) After we finished that game, we played another traditional Maori game and it was way fun too.. (don't remember the name though.) Then we ate.. (you can always expect to eat.. at any gathering.. and expect to eat a lot) :) then we played touch the rest of the time. Touch rugby was way fun because it was actually intense. (probably pretty apostate for missionaries to get that intense.. but it was so fun!!)

So on the spiritual side of this week, I learned that I am a, straight up, baby! Gosh dang... I think I choked up like 3 times this week while bearing my testimony to investigators. Man!!! I hate it and love it at the same time!! ;) oh well. 

My favorite Samoan, Big Dominick gave a REALLY great talk in sacrament yesterday!! While I was watching him up there.. it brought peace to my heart listening to his testimony knowing that I played a huge part in bringing him back to where he is now. He is the man.. When you come to New Zealand... You have to meet Dom. 

Sadly.. that's about it this week... sorry for the lack of amazing emails... and I don't even have any pictures this week. But I am sending some videos home of me dunking it in my church clothes, and of me eating some muscles and oysters... so just wait a few weeks:) 

Oh.. weird story though.. We walked up to this house and a massive Maori comes out.. and they were Legit too. The whole face tattoo's and everything. Turns out.. they are good friends with Ty's family back in Utah;) So that was pretty funny!!

That's all:) I love you all!! I miss you every day!! I think about you all the time.. (when appropriate) :) Keep doing what you're doing.. The gospel is great!! 

ka kite,
Your Elder,
Elder Butler 

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