Monday, January 5, 2015

What Went Down in NZ This Week...

What's up what's up my favorite people!!

I hope you all had a great week!! Mine was pretty slow.. but here's what went down!! ;)

First off... me and Lingwall have been struggling getting food for some reason because we didn't get paid last week. So yesterday we were talking to Clinton at church and he was like.. "Brothas.. come over for a feed today." So we couldn't (would never) turn it down! So we get to his house and puts a big thing of meat in front of us, with fish and just heaps of food. I was curious what the meat was because it was really rubbery. It was an Ox heart. I was like.. uh.. okay!! ;) It was nice though! Then they fed us a Cook Island delicacy... Fish Roe. If you don't know what that is.. It's the dang egg sack of a fish. It's about as big as my thumb and has little seed like things in the middle (i'm guessing little baby fishies.) But it was weird.. wasn't terrible.. but not the fave! They also gave us something called tapioca. It's pretty similar to the Taro root we so often eat, which is like the tasteless potato. But ya.. I love trying the weird food here. Some is absolutely amazing... some unbelievable terrible. There's just so much of it though.. we had 3 dinner appointments just yesterday.. I thought it was Christmas all over again. 

I hope Elder Lingwall's family reads this Email on my blog because they'll know some things that their son probably won't tell them!! ;) Ha he had a rough week!! Starting off.. We just got done talking to a new investigator when he tried to hop the curb on his bike... totally biffed it!! His legs just buckled and he went down!! He was so embarrassed... and (after I made sure he was okay) I just laughed my head off!! :) Next... He was walking down the road.. while looking at his planner, wondering where we need to go, when he runs straight into a tree. This hurt him pretty good though.. He was out rubbing his eyes for a good 5 minutes. Poor guy!! ;) 

Last of all!! Hanna's farewell!! Holy cow she killed it!! Thank you mama for sending it to me!! She's going to be such a great missionary... and absolutely going love Brazil (even if her mom's not too excited) haha!! :) You're welcome for the shout out Hanna!! :) 

Oh.. last thing!! I thought of my Uncle Shawn this week. I knocked on a door and this nice little man in a wheelchair opened it up. He is quadriplegic also, but from a car accident. So i told him all about my Uncle Shawn!! :) Cool stuff!!  

That's it for this week... pretty slow!! But that's okay!! I love it.. I'm continuing to learn daily!! I love my Rewa home!! 

Elder Butler 

My boy Elder Prasad is off to Glenview!! Sad day!! We have been together since day 1. 

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