Sunday, December 14, 2014

Kia Orana (Cook Island) everyone!! 

This week was so nice!! I'll start out with the good stuff... We had Clinton's Wedding on Friday... and his baptism on Saturday. It was mean as!! The wedding had so much Cook Island culture in it (because that's where he's from). There were performances the whole night, and heaps of food!! The cook island culture is similar in a lot of ways to the other islands, but the performances are definitely different. I'll send some videos soon when you give me my card back. But man.... the culture here is beautiful!! I absolutely love it... and holy cow.. they know how to eat!! I came back to my table with a plate FULL of lamb, taro, ribs, chicken, ham, kumara, and crazy things like prawns, raw snapper, and muscles (i had to give them another try.. failed again!! I'll get it though!! ;)  ) But it was nice as!!

The baptism was so nice on Saturday. When i was sitting next to Clinton before he went in... he was telling me how cool it is to think about me and him being good friends in the pre-existence. He was so grateful!! When I brought him up out of the water.. he looked at me.. and gave me a big hug!! It was (almost) the best hug i've ever had!! ;) It made me so happy and grateful for the gospel!! I love it!! :) 

So we were a little worried this week that i was going to have to leave soon. Ha... me and elder Lingwall have an investigator named Nicole. We thought she was keen as!! But we learned later that she just REALLY wanted Elder Butler.. and was hoping for me to take her home to America. Weird as... so we immediately gave her to the sisters!! ;) It was way funny though! 

We went on exchanges this week with Elder To'a. It was so sick.. we were walking down the street when we saw some Tongans playing basketball. So we went over and started playing with them.. just messing around!! :) Then we asked them for a game.. and completely smashed them!! Thank goodness i still got my game!! ;) 

We played the meanest game of Volley last monday. We went to the church and met up with some Samoans. I love playing with them because their sets are phenomenal.. and they always comment after "man... you can jump so high!!" (in their broken english) Love it!! I was sore as though... for the whole week!! I haven't jumped in ages!! 

Me and Ling Long (what our district calls Lingwall) took bishop around with us this week. It was perfect because you have to be on the bishop's side to get work done.. and when we brought him around, we smashed it!! He comments often about how me and Elder Lingwall are a solid companionship!! 

Oh.. also.. weird story! We've heard some weird beliefs in our days.. but this one tops all of them. We had this long discussion with some lady that believed in Aliens that came to earth and we evolved soon after the dinosaurs. So i just said.. "uhhh... okay.. well... here's a card about Jesus Christ!!" haha i was so lost! ;) 

That's all for this week!! :) I love you guys!! Aroha!! :) I miss you much!! Almost Meri Kerehemete!! (Merry Christmas) 

Elder Butler 

This is how New Zealand does their baptisms :) #pukana

Thank you so much Nield family!!  I love you guys!! :)  I just need to keep it away from my companion!! :)

Bishop...and his daughter!!  She's the cutest little Cook Island girl!!  She drew me a picture in Sacrament!! :)

Tracting in New Zealand;)  Anyone want to go for a walk?!

This is the plant thing on the tribal tattoos

Sexy as missionary pose...gosh...

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