Monday, December 8, 2014

Killing Manurewa!!!

Tena Koe everyone!! ;)

wow... I'm sad that week is over. Last week was, no doubt, the best week of my mission so far. Me and Elder Lingwall truly reaped the rewards of our obedience and hard work. We're promised in the Preach my Gospel that we will be lead to those who are prepared to receive the gospel, or they will be lead to you. I've always dreamed of some crazy experience where somebody just walks right up to me and wants to be baptized.. but thought it was too good to be true.. but this week i realized it wasn't. People were coming to us left and right this week. We were riding our bikes past this house when a man runs out and says "missionaries!!" so we stop and go see him. He then says, "i just wanted to let you guys know that i appreciate what you're doing, and look up to you for your courage!" I was shocked!! We then got a return appointment where we taught him and his daughter the restoration. Long story short, We set both of them for baptism. I'm pretty sure the Lord picked him up and made him come talk to us because we would have rode right past his house without even thinking anything of it. 

That's story number one... story number 2 happened early this week also. We were seeing one of our investigators when Elder Lingwall said, "let's stop at this house right here!" So i was like.... "man, we've been there before, they're just a bunch of Black Powers, but i'll definitely let you try your beginners luck!! ;) " So we went up to the door, and didn't even knock on it yet. This lady comes out.. her name is Merekahe, and she said "you guys were sent here weren't you, because you came at the perfect time." She had no belief in god whatsoever. But again.. long story short.. we taught her the plan of salvation, brought her to church the next Sunday, taught her how to pray (she started bawling!! It was amazing) and again... set her and her son for baptism!! If everything goes as planned.. i will have 9 baptisms in my first area!! There's no way we could have done that by ourselves!! 4 set baptisms in 1 week!! Unreal!!

Speaking of Baptisms.. Clinton asked me to baptize him this week on Saturday... so that's exciting. And we got permission to go to his wedding on Friday. I'm way pumped. 

Me and Elder Lingwall are killing Manurewa!! It's unreal!! 

oh.. another funny story. We had something called rescue visits on Thursday where we go find all the less actives and invite them to church. I got matched up with Elder Prasad to go visit families. We finished like 45 minutes before everyone else. So we started playing a little grid iron (american football) with some kids on the street. I was tossing it around with Elder Prasad when he threw it like 10 feet over my head, so i just watched it go in someone's yard. When I went to pick it up I said sorry to the person that was sitting outside. (he was about 20..pretty athletic looking) He said it was all good.. then he said "man.. you have a pretty mean as throw!!" So i said thank you and started talking to him about sports. I then received a return appointment from this kid who we've been rejected by a few times. I realized that the talents that i have, have been given to me for a reason.. to bless the lives of others. In a noncocky way... because I have a "mean as" throw.. It sparked interest in this young fella, and he allowed us to come back to teach him the gospel.  

Oh my goodness... we had a Service Project this week. We volunteered at a community event called "Christmas in the Park." I have lots of pictures, so check them out. But here's the funny part.. some lady lost her child. So me and Elder Lingwall offered to help her find him. When we found him she went to kiss Elder Lingwall on the cheek because that's the culture. He didn't know what to do. The handbook says "restricted to handshakes" so he was awkward as!! :) It was probably the funniest thing i've ever seen!! But let's be honest.. I was smooth as!! ;) haha totally kidding!! When you come here though.. and i introduce you to people.. just be ready to kiss about 1000 cheeks!! 

Well.. that's not really all!! But that's most of it I guess.. It was a crazy week!! Just know that it was amazing!! :) Heaps of Success!! I honestly used to hate the fact that i was in the Ugliest part of NZ. It really bothered me. I wanted to leave so bad!! But now.. It's my home. I love it here! And in a few months when i have to leave.. It will be really hard!! 

I love you all!! :) 

Ka Kite,
Elder Butler 

We played volleyball last P Day...It was a good time!! ;)
The Crew...
You can tell that Sister Fitzgibbon and Sister Katoa are companions...the only ones doing weird things in the picture! ;) 
Me and my boys!!  Jumping Castle Crew.

Me and the big fella! 
This is my Ward Mission Leader Bro. Harris... also known as my New Zealand Dad!!
He's the man!!
Me and Elder Finau (my boy on insta, from St. George.)
     ...and a girl taking a selfie in the background...and Elder Siale looks like he's in tears... ;)
Our new ride..

When I said, "Sister Park made us a snapper." This is what I meant!!... yeah...
14 lbs!

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