Monday, November 24, 2014

"My New Son" - Elder Lingwall


What's up everyone!? It was a great week!! I kicked Elder Wangsgard out of the flat finally:) ha.. I loved the kid, but I'm happy it's a new transfer. So let me tell ya what's going down in the hood of NZ!! ;)

Before Elder Wangsgard left, a lady in our ward named Sister Park (Tongan) made us a "good bye meal." Holy cow... best meal i've had so far!! All of the sudden this Taxi pulls up to our flat with nobody in it but the driver and massive plates of food. She sent us two snappers covered in coconut cream, a lamb shank with tons of potatoes and vegetables, and a whole cheesecake!! She makes a Mean as meal!! 

That's about it this week for me and Elder Wangsgard... 

So transfers were this week... as i stood there waiting for the new missionaries to walk in.. i was thinking to myself.. hmm.. will he be from Tonga? Samoa? Fiji? oh.. there he is.. Man oh man... My son is fresh from Herriman, Utah!! ;) not going to lie, I was slightly disappointed at first. But honestly.. as the day went on... I realized that he was the EXACT companion i prayed for the night before. He is obedient as! He's not afraid to talk to people. He keeps the house clean, and he loves to run in the mornings!! (Thank the Heavens) so i'm perfectly happy with my new son Elder Lingwall. 

Funny story. Elder Lingwall signed to long jump at Utah Valley when he gets home. I long jumped against him in a few meets this year. Long story short... he smashed me. 

At transfers i met my buddy Elder Finau. The one i became friends with on Instagram. Turns out.. he's in my zone now.. and i'm sitting right next to him!;) He's way sick. We became tight in like the first minute of talking. 

On Saturday.. The missionaries in our ward did a service project. We volunteered for some cultural thing at the park. It was the best service project i've ever done. It was fun, we got free food, and there was a ton of Maori culture mixed in. The whole time, they spoke in Maori, and there were a lot of Haka's and cultural dances, and i did the Hongi with people (the greeting when you touch noses and inhale.. it has many different significant meanings) 

Poor Elder Lingwall was exposed to the crazy stuff in New Zealand in the first week. It was so fun though. Peter brought over a big bag of fresh Muscles and Oysters that they just caught. So he had us try them. So of course I was down. They were nasty!! The first time.. i couldn't even choke it down. But the second time i swallowed it.. and had to rush to the Toffee Pops to get the taste out of my mouth. The Kina we tried last week was WAY better!! Uncooked seafood... not my fave. 

That's about it for the week though.. It was kinda slow because of transfers. Me and Elder Lingwall are killin it in REWA. I'm loving being a trainer... i've learned a lot faster. But anyways... the gospel is true!! I love you all.. and miss you heaps!! 

Elder Butler

 I was frustrated out of my mind because i couldn't find my tag. Elder Wangsgard Froze it:/

Last day in REWA...

My best buddy Dominick!  I love him to death!!

Our district before transfers. I love this picture because everyone is being so serious. Then there's me and Elder To'a in the back ground doing the Pukana (the warrior face with the tongue and big eyes) :) 

Me, Elder Wangsgard and the Pereira family. (one of the greatest families in our ward) I've grown really close to this family.

I'm about to eat this muscle!! I couldn't handle this one.. It was nasty!! But I ate the raw oyster next.. and i swallowed it.. Sadly. 

The Big Fella (Elder Lingwall) about to smash some raw seafood:) 

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