Sunday, May 29, 2016

One of the Weirdest Weeks Ever!

Hello Hello!!

Mean week! 

I'll start off with the good stuff... So we had an awesome baptism on Saturday. We baptized a few Samoan boys. The oldest of the 3 brothers is a member, and the 2 younger brothers were not members. Their mom and dad, who were also members, passed away a while back, and they're now living with their auntie. They are the coolest bros ever! The baptism service went really well... it was a very hectic week though trying to prepare for it. Baptism weeks usually stink I've noticed. But it was definitely worth it! 

New Zealand has been SO HOT lately...until this week. It finally decided to become winter this week. We had some of the most ridiculous storms of all time! We had a thunderstorm that kept us awake for ages! The lightning destroyed our power, and lit up the room! It was pretty sweet. But... exchanges. Talk about the worst time in history to plan exchanges. I was with Elder Totau in the Tongan Program (with no flippin' car) on Wednesday. We got absolutely smashed with rain. Wind was blowing the trash cans over... it was unreal, and very miserable! ;) 

This was kind of weird.  We were walking back to our car one day, and we saw a couple teenage fellas near where we were going. We know them quite well, because one of the turds was the one who stole the sister's bikes. When we got up closer, we noticed that they were all high. They started talking to us while we were walking away when one of the bros pulls out a freaking gun (It looked real, but not quite sure... but wouldn't be surprised at all!) . So we hopped into the car and drove away... it didn't really hit us that we were in a bit of danger until we were driving for a few minutes. It was pretty funny, but nerve racking at the time! Luckily he wasn't too lost in space to pull the trigger on us! ;) 

Also... on Friday, we were parked on the side of the road talking to Tamihana when some drunk bro comes up to my window and starts yelling at Tami to leave. He said some other things that didn't make any sense, then he got into his van and left. So weird... It was honestly one of the weirdest weeks ever! 

We went bowling on Monday.. I got destroyed.. but I did win lunch for beating Elder Bauder! ;) 

I got the trunkiest letter ever from my mother! ;) Haha, all good! 

It rained.. and rained some more, then rained again, then it was burning hot, then rained a freezing rain, then it hailed, and now it's freezing! 

That's about it! ;) Also, we made these Mexican chicken wraps with vegetables.. it was beautiful.. But now we're in the mood for some chocolate chip pancakes.. so mother, please send us a good recipe! ;) Thanks! :) Love ya'll heaps!

Ka kite,
Elder Butler 

BAPTISM!!! If you're wondering if we're the only white people in the picture.. the answer is Yes. ;) 

We had Mexican food in Pukekohe on Tuesday, which inspired us to make Mexican food a couple days later. Our meal was much better though! ;) 

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