Thursday, May 19, 2016

A Week of "Fighting Through It"

Hello there everyone!

Sorry to start off with a downer, but this week was probably one of the worst weeks here in Kura. We honestly could not find a single keen person! We were dropped by some of our solid investigators because of Anti-Mormon material, we got cussed out a few times, and just heaps of other things went wrong. But that's alright... Elder Johnson and I just fought through it, and we're all good! 

On a good note though, our companionship is the bomb! We work very well with each other, and we're good mates as well, so it's pretty mean! We have decided to wake up at 5 something every day besides Sunday and play ball at the Rec center. So I'm slowly getting it back. Elder Johnson has whipped me into shape! ;) 

Another up for the week was on Saturday morning. I was at the Sister's baptism and walked around the corner and saw my main man Clinton, who I baptized December 2014!! He's still smashing it! I have probably already told you, but he's the Ward Mission Leader now, and he's gone through the temple. He's going through again to get sealed to his son soon, and said that I can come. So hopefully I can get permission from President Rudd! 

We had a pretty cool lesson this week with one of our new investigators. He's an 18 year-old Tongan fella, and he's genuinely interested! We had a beautiful lesson about the Book of Mormon! It was probably the best lesson last week! It was pretty amazing how all of his questions were answered as we taught the lesson. The spirit was definitely present, and it was just a cool experience!  

Skype last Monday was so mean! I love seeing my little fam, and miss them heaps! Too bad the internet stinks here and the wifi kept disconnecting so I had to call them back 5 times! :/ But all good...I was satisfied!

We had this bro last week tell me my future. Weird. He told us that he had the power to see the future and predict things, or something along those lines. So being cheeky, I asked him to tell me about my wife! Haha, it was so weird...but almost scary how real it seemed! :/ That's why it says in the Gospel Principals manual that fortune telling is of the devil! ;) 

So overall my week wasn't too bad. It stunk because of investigators. But I'm still doing just fine. I'm happy to be here in Kura. Our zone is still smashing it. Life's good! 

That's all for now! love you all heaps!

Elder Butler   


Another million dollars worth of Burger Fuel again. Here's (some) of our feast the other day!


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