Sunday, April 24, 2016

Elder Johnson from Mesa, AZ!

Kia ora whanau,

Man oh man, be prepared for a massive email! I have heaps to say today! :)

Okay, I have some of the greatest news of all time! We went over to the Langi's the other night to drop off their plate. Brother Langi comes outside, and whispers to us, "We have dog."  One of their Tongan mates killed it and brought it over! I have been waiting for 21 flippin' months to eat the blimmin' Kuli (dog), And now I can say, my mission food list is officially complete! :) It was quite different honestly, it had the texture of a lamb, but had a different taste to it. We smelled like it the rest of the night. :)

Next, remember how I got a call from President last week? Well I received another one about two hours later telling me that the plans had been changed a bit! I would still be a single zone leader, but I'd be with a missionary that has been struggling a bit, and wanted to go home. So they sent me Elder Johnson, who I know really well! I was his zone leader in Tauranga, when he was in Whakatane! He's a flippin' baller! We get along great! We've had some mean success as well! He's from Mesa, Arizona! 

We played some mean volley this morning with the Langi's and heaps of others. It was honestly mean as! Our bishop, this little white fella, is the flippin' man! So much fun!

We got another set this week! I'm almost to the end of my mission, but I have a goal to get 5 more baptisms. That would put me in the 20's, which is heaps for our mission! So the success has been wonderful lately!

Seeing Zesiger go was pretty hard. He was the man! I love that fella! Before he left, Sister Tarangutu gave us a present. She handed us a bag and we opened it and found the meanest Kiribati ties ever. Her family made them back home, they're flippin' sick! I'll send pics.  

My stinking trainer got married a few weeks ago. I just got the announcement. It was typical Wangsgard honestly! ;) So funny! Talk about trunkiness as well! There is nothing more trunky on this planet than getting a wedding announcement from your trainer! :/ Speaking of weddings, one of my mates from the mish, Elder Smith rocked up to Papakura the other day and hung out for a bit with his flippin' WIFE!! :/ They're living in Farmington now, so we'll probably run into them sometime! 

We played a mean game of gridiron (football) last Monday! Sadly we lost! But it was all good! It was at a field right next to Hunua falls! Pretty solid! Also, I'm sorry I've been slack on the pics lately. Batteries cost heaps, and I didn't feel like buying any, so I didn't have a camera for two weeks! ;) 

Well, my email was shorter than I thought. I have heaps of other things to tell, but theyre for other people! ;) But yah... mean as week honestly! :) Love you all heaps!

Elder Butler 

Me and my new companion, Elder Johnson! 

Me and Zesiger!! @ the bus station! 

Bus station with the crazies (our sisters!) 

"Gosh dang Elder Bauder, take a good flippin' picture!!"

Bus stop selfie with Sisters Tarangutu and Marsh

My new tie!

Here's a close up of my tie, to show you what it's made out of! It's like a kind of flax! I was honestly so happy when she gave them to us! 

The Tongans brought over 5 kgs worth of food the other day! Who knows why?Johnson and I ate a few plates of it, and didn't even make a dent. They also brought over a whole pitcher of Otai! :) I love these fellas!

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