Sunday, April 3, 2016

Another Mean Week in the Kura

Hey there people on the other side of the world!

Another mean week here in the Kura. 

First off, we had a mean baptism on Saturday. His name is Alwyn. He looked mean as when he rocked up in his new suit and new hair cut. He looked like a flippin' missionary! Such a wonderful experience! BUT during baptisms, when the person getting baptized is getting dressed into their clothes again after they get dunked, the missionaries usually give a presentation. (Which is usually teaching The Restoration to all the nonmembers there.) But the Tongans had the bright idea to get up there and invite all the blimmin' missionaries up to sing "Joseph Smith's First Prayer." Right when they said that, me and Zesiger were like, "You idiots!" (That's the flippin' hardest song in the Hymn book!) So long story short... It was honestly the worst missionary presentation of all time! ;) Ha, but it made for a good laugh! 

We went to the Whare Tapu ki te Ariki on Friday! (The Sacred House of the Lord... The Temple!) It was another great experience like always! I love the temple! The peace that is felt in there is indescribable. It's always nice to be in there with 40+ missionaries as well! Also, we get the cafeteria food for free after! Wow... I filled my plate up so much--it was like a mountain! Temple food is so good.  You know, you can't get much better than that--the temple, AND free food! ;)

On Monday last week, we played volleyball at 6:00 in the morning. So we rocked up at like 5:45. All of our Tongan members were there because it was a public holiday, and they were all off work! It was mean as! A couple of days later, the sisters were talking to us and said, "Man, the Langi's can't stop talking about you playing volleyball!" Haha, they all got a kick out of the white fella smashing it better than the locals! ;) Haha, too funny! 

Missionary work is going to start getting really hard now. Especially after dinner. It was daylight savings for us yesterday, so after dinner, it's dark! And in New Zealand, when the sun goes down, everyone's in bed! So it's more dangerous. It seems useless most of the's hard to do anything really. :/ But all just takes better planning. :)

We went on blitz days this week as well! A blitz is when heaps of companionships smash out one specific area for a certain amount of time to try to pick it up a bit! So we took a few Tongans with us to Pukekohe, Tuakau, and Pokeno to help the Pukekohe elders and sisters. It was a great time! It was nice getting out of Auckland as well! Those areas are considered part of the Waikato! So it was nice, and beautiful! It was hard though because we were out in the country, and I'm used to the city now! Then we did a blitz in Redhill also... to help a few more missionaries. So me and Zez weren't in our area for the whole day! It was quite fun! ;) 

Last, but definitely not least! I just wanted to take the time to give my dear mama a nice little shout out! If I calculated correctly, it's her 30th birthday on Wednesday! :) I love my sweet mother more than I can say! I can't wait to see her again, and give her a big hug! Love you heaps mom! :) Have a wonderful birthday! Also.. I heard it was Grandma/Grandpa Butler's birthdays! I love you both heaps! I hope you had wonderful birthdays as well! 

Love you all! Have a wonderful week! Until we [speak] again, in one weeks time! :)
Elder Butler

p.s. I'm flippin' jealous as of all of you! We don't get to watch General Conference for another 2 weeks! We get it way late here in Papakura! :/ But all good. I know it will be worth waiting for!

 Me, Alwyn, Dylan, Odin, Elder Zesiger #baptism

Traveling through the jungle!! (I'm up front). 

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