Thursday, April 21, 2016

General Conference and a Little Horse

Hello everyone!

What a good week here in Papakura! Much better than last week, that's for sure! ;) 

First off, General Conference was the flippin' bomb! Every single talk that was given was straight-up beautiful! The spirit was amazing the whole time! 

Okay honestly, I had a mean email planned, but I can't even think now. I just got a call from President. My flippin' companion is getting transferred! I never expected that. :/ And to top it off, he's giving me a "special assignment" to be a single Zone Leader, while training a new missionary! Holy flip! So my thoughts are now all over the place. There hasn't been a single Zone Leader the whole time I've been on my mission! 

Alright, so General Conference was definitely the highlight of my week! But coming in a close second was a call we received the other day from the Redhill Elders. It was pretty late at night, probably around 8 (which is super late here). They said they had some food for us, so they came over and brought us two tin foils of nice food! Let's just say, I marked another food off of the list of things to try! This week I ate some lo'i! It was so flippin' nice! It was shredded on top of cassava, drenched in coconut creme. Nice as! 

The same night they brought us horse, this little Tongan lady in our ward named Sister Fanguna spent $80 at Burgerfuel (really similar to Five Guys) on us! We were so sick after! We ate a ton. It was a wonderful night though! :)

Okay, so back to General Conference! It was mean as! I can't even say which talk was my favorite because they all were amazing! The ones that touched me the most were given by President Eyring, Sister Oscarson, Elder Stevenson, and Elder Holland. Cool story about Elder Stevenson's talk--The morning of conference I was sitting there thinking about the Priesthood, and how I could define "priesthood keys" because of a question we were asked a few days before. I was frustrated when I couldn't find a very solid definition. Then we went to Conference, and it was literally answered perfectly! It was honestly shocking how perfect it went with the questions running through my mind. Sister Oscarson killed it as well. And my about that finish from Elder Holland!

Now it's time for my shout out to Sister Thalman for sending us some mac n' cheese and oatmeal! It hit the spot! I'm pretty sure it's almost all gone. Thank you so much! Also, mean as packing job sis!! ;) 

Now for the big fella--Dad! Happy Birthday my bro! For those of you who don't know, my pops is like my best buddy. So please treat him well on his birthday, as I am away and can't do much for him. I hope you have a great day on the 25th! Now you're almost as old as mom! You're almost 1/2 century! That's pretty impressive! ;) Love you bro! 

That's all for today! Kura is still killin' it! I'm going to miss my companion though! He's the man! So it's pretty disappointing, but good at the same time. It's going to be pretty cool having this new/unusual responsibility. I love you guys heaps!

Elder Butler

p.s. I had a horrific dream last night! I just arrived at home after my mission, and I was showing you all my souvenirs and lollies from NZ, and my blimmin' Tim Tams melted! It was horrible!   

Goodbye to Elder Zesiger... :( 

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