Sunday, April 10, 2016

Wish we had Do-Overs This Week...

Kia ora whanau,

What a crappy week that was... to say the least.

I'll start off by saying some good things, then finish off with hell. 

We all went bowling. I thought I was good at bowling. Long story short, I got absolutely wrecked. ;) It was still fun as though! I love these fellas. 

I went on a mean exchange with Elder Tu'ipulotu. We were in the Tongan program, so I didn't understand anything the whole day. It was pretty funny, we were teaching this man in Tongan, and I just totally zoned out and fell asleep. Tu'i woke me up to say the prayer! ;) Haha! 

We were trying some potential investigators that were in our area book this week, and we came across this Samoan part-member family. So we knocked on his door, and he told us to come back in a few days to his mama's house. We got there on Saturday afternoon, and she prepared the meanest feed for us! There was luau, taro in coconut cream, chop sui, sandwiches, heaps of stuff! Mean as!

There was a full on drag race on our street the other day. That was kind of funny.  Also, our neighbor ripped off $450 worth of Raybanz from the shops...idiot! ;) What a great neighborhood we're in huh? ;) 

Okay...that's about it! Now let me tell you how the majority of my time was spent this week! I can't tell you too much since this is going on my blog, but we had to send some missionaries home this week. 2 sisters got caught up in some bad situations, wouldn't tell us the truth, and lied to us for ages. We pretty much learned that it was going on all transfer! The branch president was mad, the branch is now wondering where they're at! Gosh, it's flippin' ridiculous! So we were going all over the place trying to deal with it. The assistants had to come up too. It was honestly heartbreaking as well because of the lack of success in that area (when there is HEAPS of potential there) due to selfishness and stupidity! Very, very upsetting and disappointing!

That's all for now. 

I love you all heaps!

Elder Butler 

#bowlingchamps (well kind of). 

The big fella, Tu'ipulotu on the far right. kicked our butts the first game, then Muli in the middle, smashed us the second game! (nobody expected Muli to win because he bowled a 50 or less the first time, and was getting ridiculously lucky this time!) ;) ha 

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