Sunday, March 27, 2016

I'm Never Hiking Again!

Happy Easter!!!!!! 

Kia ora my favorite whanau. How the heck are ya? What a great week! 

We had a mean baptism on Saturday! His name is Tamihana. It was a really good turn out! It's always nice to throw the ol' suit on as well and look fresh for a bit! ;) We have so many investigators right now that are ready to be baptized! It's so sick! It's funny though, because they're all youth and primary! We're working a lot with members, and have scored some part member families! :) It's been really solid lately! What's cool about it though, is when I rocked up to church my first Sunday, there were no deacons at all. Now we've baptized one, and will hopefully have 4-5 more coming soon! 

My goodness... Prepare for a ridiculous story! So we went to the waterfall the other day. It's called Hunua Falls. It was pretty nice, but it had a pretty mean hike. The first hike we took said that it would take 20 minutes, and we smashed it out in 5. So we got back to the sign and it said that another hike took 3 hours. So all of us being wonderful at math, calculated out that we could get back in about an hour if we ran some of the way! ;) So we did...all 4 companionships started running up the mountain covered in heavy bush with a path through the middle. We were going for about 45 minutes when we realized we were completely lost... on the other side of the mountain. So we started running again, worrying that we wouldn't be home in time! We came to another sign about another 45 minutes later. It told us to go a different way.. and got us even more lost. So long story short, The hike ended up taking longer than 3 hours... we found a nice lake on the other side, my legs hurt from running so much, and we were late getting home! It was so stupid! I'm never hiking again! But I hope you enjoy the pics I took! (I took a funny video as well.. so I'll send it when you send my card back!) 

I received my birthday card from home! :) I totally forgot I had a birthday! Maybe because it was a whole 30+ days ago! ;) but it was awesome to hear from the good ol' famdamily! 

We had a pretty mean Easter fireside. I was asked to give my testimony on the Atonement of Jesus Christ. That is the worst thing for me to bear my testimony on because i choke up with tears every blimmin' time! But all good! I'm so grateful for the Atonement though! I've studied it a lot lately, and I'm truly grateful! 

That's about it for me! Kura is the flippin' bomb! Success all over the place! My companion is the man, the missionaries in our zone are awesome, I'm learning heaps, and a lot of other wonderful things! So no worries about Elder B. 

Elder Butler 

Off to the waterfall we go! 

Hunua Falls... "Oh that's pretty mean.. now let's go on a hike!"

Yep that's pretty beautiful...  "Now, does anyone know where we are?" 

"Flip fellas... I think we're lost!"

"Yep Elder Bauder.. I think we're going to die here now!"

"What the flip?! Where did this blimmin' lake come from?" 

"Who knows... but since we're already here, shoot a pic of me and Zezi!" 

This is Elder Fameitau, trying the, NOT 1 gallon challenge, but the 1.5 gallon Challenge........ Idiot!

This is Fameitau..... failing the milk challenge! ;) Haha, we were all dying!


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