Tuesday, March 15, 2016

I Love Islanders...And Their Food!

Kia ora Everyone!!

What a week! Heaps and heaps of miracles. Me and Zesiger created this thing where the zone sends us in their miracles throughout the day. Then we send them throughout the whole zone. We started out with 0 baptism sets in the whole zone, and by the end of the week we had 6. That's heaps for one week! It was amazing! As we recognized and we were seeking for miracles, God blessed us with heaps of them! Two of those sets are ours as well! :) 

It was just a solid week though! We played the meanest game of rugby on the Waiuku Beach on Monday! We got all the Tongans over and played a mean game! It was fun as! I wish I would have taken more pictures though! 

We had an awesome ward activity. Both of our sets came! There was so much food, and heaps of dancing! It was awesome! I realized that I missed South Auckland when my stomach told me it was happy! ;) I love islanders...and their food! ;) 

One thing I didn't miss about South Auckland though was the gangs, the hood, and all that rubbish! There was a shooting by our house the other day. One person got killed, the other injured. That was disappointing--especially because everyone's related to the fella! So it's not the safest place in NZ...but it's all good! :) 

I honestly don't have too much to say this week! We worked, and worked, and worked like usual! So It was a good week, just nothing too crazy! But I'm still loving the mish life! It feels ridiculous that I come home in 5 months. When people ask about how long I've been out and I answer, "19 months," it feels like a joke! But it's legit! ;) I'm definitely excited to see the ol' whanau again! But no trunkiness involved...no worries! ;) 

So that's me this week. I love you guys! I have a few recent converts to email, and other people as well, so I have to make this one short! Love you heaps though! Laterz!

Elder Butler 

#papakurabasketball (look at that weak court though! bummer!!) ;) 

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