Monday, March 7, 2016

HELP! Sister Drama...

Hello! :)

I had a pretty mean week! I hope you did as well! 

We started off the week by going to Hamilton to have a meeting with President. It went pretty well. I'm sure you got all the pictures from Sister Saunders. We got a mean as feed like usual as well! 

We had a solid zone meeting! We bought 20$ worth of chocolate bars for our zone that they had to find by working with members. It was pretty awesome! We've already seen a lot of blessings from working with members in our area! We received 11 referrals, with a few that we're hoping to set for baptism soon! 

The middle of this week was insane! Every Sister in our whole zone decided to go crazy! They all called us on the same day--some wanting to kill their companions! It was ridiculous! So we had to go in and interview all of them. But thank goodness for our Sister Training Leader who saved the day.. she pretty much saved our lives! I'm questioning if I ever want to get married now--sister drama is unreal! ;) ha!

Some more madness in South Auckland, along with the Sister Missionaries, happened at 4:00 in the morning one day when the gun police were outside of our house getting our investigator! So I guess you could say we dropped him! ;) We knew it was going to happen sooner or later though, so it wasn't a surprise. It was pretty crazy to watch though! A couple days later we were walking down the street, and a cop pulls over to us and says, "are you fellas lost?" We said no. He then told us how we need to be careful because we were in an unsafe area, and offered to give us a ride. ;) He obviously doesn't know who we are! Maybe his glasses weren't working properly.. they were a little too scratched to see the angels on our left and on our right! ;) haha!

Highlight of my week--Elder and Sister Saunders came to our zone meeting and talked for a bit! Then, they took me and Zesiger out to lunch! I think me and Zesiger made history because of it! Every missionary has desired being shouted by the Saunders, and we were the only ones to achieve it! so I feel pretty good! ;) 

That's about it for now! I have heaps of people to write! It was Big Ben's birthday a few days ago, so give him a nice letter as well! Thanks!

Love you all heaps! :)

Elder Butler

The fellas...waiting to go interview the Stake President for our zone meeting. You can call us Elders BnZ (Butler and Zesiger) because in New Zealand there is a bank called the BNZ. So it just makes sense.. with all the cash money missionary work that we do! ;) Haha! 

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