Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Solid Week :)

Kia ora!

My week was pretty solid! Again, I'm sorry, not much to talk about! But I did write the fam a letter, so you'll get it sometime soon! :) 

Starting off, we have a baptism on Saturday. His name is Tamihana Kahika. He's a young fella! But it's good because our ward is lacking deacons, so it's a solid baptism! Most of the week was just preparing him, and making other preparations for the baptism itself. 

I played a ridiculously solid game of volley on Monday with the fellas here in Papakura. It was too fun! They invited their Tongan mates. I still got it... I still got it! ;) I was wondering how my jumping would be, and it was still all good! ;) 

We went to a member's home for dinner the other day. They are a Maori family named the Timu's. They had a sweet carving by the fireplace, and I asked him what it meant.  He said, "It's yours!" So I was pumped about that! It's a nice addition to my collection. ;)

That's it for now. I'm sorry it's so short! I promise I'll have more for next week! Also more pictures. We should be going to the waterfall today, so I'll shoot some there. Also, Fameitau is trying the Milk gallon challenge, so I'll get some pics of that too! :)

I love you all heaps! I'm doing just fine here, so no worries! Me and Zesiger are reaching our last few months, so we're trying to stay diligent, and it's been good! Have a great week! I'll talk to you soon!

Elder Butler 

My carving! ;) It's a hook! I'm pretty sure it's called a Hei Matau. But I'll get back to you on that one! It's wood, with Paua shells in it! 

This is our friend... his name is Cohor! He's the police helicopter that flies around our flat, pretty much every day! ;)

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