Monday, February 29, 2016

Papakura and Elder Zesiger

Kia ora!! :)

Back in South Auckland again ya'll! ;) Haha, I can't believe it. I'm in Papakura...just under Manurewa (where I started). So I get to see my old area every once in a while! Flippin' weird! I'm with Elder Zesiger from Bountiful. He's the absolute man! It's funny talking to him as well, because we know each other's friends, he's been to my basketball games, and heaps of other funny stuff. So we get along well!! He's been out for 19 months now, so 1 transfer more than me.

This area is flippin' crack up! I have to get used to the hori as Maori's again...and Heaps of islanders! It's so sweet though. Instead of being with missionaries with simple, white names like Johnson and Baker in Tauranga, I'm with missionaries like Tu'ipulotu, Lologafau, and Fameitau! I love South Auckland! ;) I feel like I'm back at home (because I was born in Rewa!) ;) 

We went to a Samoan baptism the other day and it was all in Samoan! It was so funny! You should have heard me and Zesiger when we picked up the vi'iga (hymn book).  We were singing loud and proud! I think I understood about 3 words the whole night. But man oh man, Samoans know how to flippin' eat! They brought us into the cultural hall after the baptism and gave us a mean feed! 

So that's me right now! I'm loving Papakura (Papa-Kurr-uh), but I'm going to miss Tauranga so much! I absolutely loved it there! 

MY BIRTHDAY!! For all of you who don't know... I'm now a man! ;) finally hit the big 20! I had the meanest birthday ever! We hung out at the Preston's home for the night, and it was awesome! I love them so much! Goodbyes were hard though! I had heaps of goodbyes to say before I left, and I was just devastated after every one! I loved the people there so much! (By the way, everyone that I talked to said if we ever came to visit, we would have a place to stay--so I have heaps of hook ups here in NZ!) ;)  

Thank you all for the birthday wishes as well! I received a lot of emails, and my mom sent me all of your FB and Insta posts! So thank you all! :) I have had the best birthdays ever on my mission.19=Elder Bednar vacation, 20=Tauranga at the Prestons. Awesome! 

Other than that, I'm going to miss Pene as well! He was the man! Solid fella! I miss the whole zone already! But I'm excited to be here. Hopefully I'll be able to see some families that I baptized. Like Clinton--remember Clinton?! He's the Ward Mission Leader right now in Rewa! Lakopo Scanlan got his Patriarchal Blessing and they're shooting for the temple soon! I love it!

I love you all! That's me for the week! Dad--get better big man.  I'll keep you in my prayers! 

Elder Butler
(Eldah Butlah) :)

 Preston family, and Burton family! 

The Mount Swing! So much fun!


When you're on the swing, this is your view! Matakana Island! ;) cool huh? 

I found a selfie stick! ;) 

Last MCM at brother Paama's.

Goodbye to my friends. 

Kendra and Torrell Green. 

Baker whanau!

Preston seniors! Love them so much! 

Goodbye to Melanie! 

Jordan and Sister Miru

Birthday!! Sister Watene and Preston! Sister Watene made me a Peach/Lemon Cheesecake! Beautiful! And Sister Preston made me dinner and another dessert! :) 

Birthday boys had a war! ;)

And I totally won! 

More war shots...

Dessert #2! 

Me, Kirsty (who we accidentally woke up) and Dolly!

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