Monday, February 1, 2016

Elder D. Todd Christofferson-An Unreal Experience!

Solid week!! 

Starting off, Monday we went to the mount! They put up a swing that goes off the mountain near this little island area. Flippin' fun as!  It reminded me of jumping off of the massive sycamore tree onto the swing at Grandma & Grandpa's! Heaps of fun!  I can't wait to take you there! You'd all love it! 

Next, my main woman Sister Saunders gave us a call on like Tuesday or Wednesday saying that she had something secret that she couldn't tell me. Psh.. please... she knows she can't keep any secrets from me! ;) She told us that Elder D. Todd Christofferson was coming on Saturday!  IT WAS AMAZING! He is the absolute man! He was hilarious, and was cracking jokes the whole meeting. The Spirit was beautiful like usual, and his testimony was amazing. The whole experience was just unreal! He's definitely a servant of the Lord. You can just feel it right when he walks in the room! And I got mean seats again! Every time I score sweet seats, close to the front and middle! ;) 

I don't remember if I told you last time, but we have Timoti set for baptism! WOOOO!!!! We've been waiting for this FOREVER!!! He's set for the 20th of February!  Satan is trying to make his way back in there, but he's not going to succeed! I'm so happy for him! We just had an unbelievable lesson with him about the atonement last night, and It was so amazing! 

Other than that, we just weren't home. We spent a whole day cleaning out a vacant flat for Elder Saunders--so boring! It was flippin' trashed. We traveled A LOT! Also, I benched 200 lbs for the first time ever! That was an accomplishment!;) 

Oh...flippin' Pene got so sick yesterday! I woke up around 5:00 because I thought there was a herd of Gorillas in our bathroom! I swear, the whole flippin' neighborhood woke up because of the tenacity of his throw up noises! Sorry that's kind of gross--but it's true! ;) But by 12:00 he was all good! Dr. Butler worked his magic and he miraculously made it to church! ;) 

So that's me! Hope you're all doing well! :) Love you heaps and heaps! 

Elder Butler

Walk around the mount. The waves were ridiculous! So we went a little closer! ;) I wish we would have taken a picture when they were crashing around us. It was unreal! With Elder Chan Sau, and Baker. 

Me and Pene. 

Left to Right: Sister Miru, Melanie, Jordan, Charli, Ebony, E. Pene, Me

We made a Title of Liberty with the Miru family. (2 weeks ago). 

Yesterday we "buried our weapons of war!" In the box that Charli is holding, we wrote down our imperfections/sins, and buried them by the ocean. ;)

Tracting the other day, I ran into a girl that was in my MTC. It's scary to think that the sisters that came out with me are already home! ;) Sister Craig

Thanks for traveling with me for 18 months now mama! :) 
**This is a little note I tucked into his suit coat pocket when he first went out so he would find it when he got to NZ. Apparently, it has traveled around with him and has made the transfer to his new suit.**
Elder Christofferson speaking to the Elders and Sisters of the Hamilton and Auckland missions at mission conference. Mckay is front and center, but is covered up. 

Two Utah Hustle teammates far from home.  Elder McKay Butler currently serving in the Hamilton New Zealand mission and Elder Carson Maughan in the Auckland New Zealand Mission. They found each other at a mission conference with Elder Christofferson.

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