Monday, February 8, 2016

Say what you mean, and mean what you say!

Hello!! :)

This week was weird. It was all good...but weird. We had to watch a two hour broadcast last week about member missionary work. And president said "if we're tracting over an hour a week, he'll be mad." So missionary work has completely changed these last few weeks. We're working with members from 4:00-9. I'm used to knocking on doors.... all... day.... long. But no more of that! ;) So it's good--but definitely not what I'm used to. Pene and I have already seen the blessings of it though! 

This week I noticed that I say, "Oh that's awesome!" And, "That's cool." WAY too much! I've gotten in such a bad habit of saying it that I say it at the worst times. For example...(investigator)  "Oh my son just got in a car accident." (Elder Butler) "Oh, that's awesome!" So Elder Pene made me change it, but I didn't change it drastically enough. So I changed it to, "Oh, that's wonderful!" Haha, so we walked up to some guy's home near one of our members, and he comes out of his house with a massive scar on his head and says, "I just had brain surgery." So what does Elder Butler say? "Oh, that's wonderful!" So when I caught myself I looked at Pene and we just cracked up for a bit! ;) It was funny. I guess you had to be there! ;)

We went on exchanges this week. I was with Elder Tonumaipea, a Samoan from Melbourne. He's the man! We had heaps of fun! 

Church this week... Wow! I honestly forgot that the sun shines outside and that the sky is actually blue. Let me give you the run down. Wake up at 5:45, PEC at 7, Ward Council at 7:30, Church - Welcome Bay at 9-12, Church - Mount Maunganui at 1-4, Meeting with the Stake President (stake MCM) at 4:30-5:45. So we were in the building for almost 11 hours! I almost died. And to smash all of it together--it was flippin' fast Sunday! Luckily the church is true... honestly! 

That's about it for now.. we also had zone conference... that was fun! but other than that, sorry it's not a very interesting letter! ;) I love you all heaps though!! Man, also... I had the trunkiest dream of all time this morning! I had a dream that I was with the fam sharing all my NZ chocolates and other goodies! It was horrible! But maybe revelation? Maybe I was being told that my whanau needs to experience some New Zealand chocolate?! What do you reckon? ;) Haha, I love ya'll heaps!

Elder Butler 

Kia Ora from Timoti and Whanau!

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