Sunday, January 24, 2016

Service = Happiness

Kia Ora! :)

Solid week! We didn't have much time to proselyte...again! We had meeting after meeting after meeting! We were in Hamilton on Tuesday for a 4 hour meeting, then gave a 4 hour training in Tauranga, church x2 is the usual 6-7 hours. Then a meeting on Sunday night! Man... flippin' crazy! 

But the good news for the week! Lemme tell ya! ;) Timoti is a free man! The courts said he is no longer on probation! So he can get baptized really soon! So we're all so excited! He is the absolute man!

I got a new suit this week! It was a good buy though! It's tight as... meaning my legs are being squeezed half to death! ;) (not really... but close.) But it looks pretty good, I must say! :)  I'm trying to keep it nice so I can rock up at the airport looking like a skux fella! ;) 

This week we took a gift to a man that absolutely hates us! He ripped me and Jonsson apart the other week. He got in our faces and used some very colorful and friendly language if you know what I mean! This week we found a box of chocolates in our flat, so we wrote him a note, stuck a picture of us on it, and Elder Pene went up and gave it to him! ;) Haha it was so funny! 

I'm sorry Utah is so cold right now. But guess what--Tauranga is flippin' hot as! This week I had a miraculous idea. "Hey Pene... let's move our beds into the living room right under the cooler!" Haha so we did! Let's just say that my sleeps are much nicer now! ;) 

This week we had a pretty solid experience. We were tracting one day when we met this lady. She is pretty 30's. She is a single mom of 2 kids, and she was just diagnosed with a type of blood cancer. She was very nice, but just super busy! So we didn't get a "yes" to come back and teach her yet, but Elder Pene and I both received the same prompting to ask about her lawns. We asked if we could help her, and of course she gave us the usual, "Oh, you guys don't have to do that!" So Elder Pene (being the bold fella that he is) said, "Well, how about we don't ask you again, and we'll see you tomorrow around lunch. See ya later!" And we left!  So we came back the next day, and the stinking landlord must have received the same impression.  We were so disappointed. So we knocked on her door and said, "Well, we're already changed into our P Day clothes, so what can we do!?" We looked around and saw her gardens. So we totally smashed them out! Weeds, Cutting trees, you name it! She was so thankful! It was a wonderful experience being able to do a service for someone who needed it! It felt awesome! 

We also did another service for someone in our ward. We went to McLaren falls and helped them set up for a wedding for like 3 1/2 hours. And the sad part was... 2 hours of it for me and Pene was spent untangling lights! I will never do that again! But it was pretty beautiful. I didn't get many pics though, so you'll have to look it up. 

Then we did another service this week. We did 3 big services. This one is kind of funny and ridiculous though! These 2 women were outside painting a fence and we parked the car and asked it we could help. So we got out and she tells us about the paint. They were flippin' painting this fence with a mixture of motor oil, vinegar, lind seed oil, and other crazy things. She said, "When you're poor and trying to pass inspection, this is what you do!" So we laughed, and thought it was outrageous, but helped anyways (even though it stunk up the whole neighborhood!) ;)  

That's all my favorite whanau whom I love so dearly! You're all the best, and I love and miss you heaps!

Ka kite!
Elder Butler

"Come here my friends!" near McLaren falls!

Killer wedding planner there on the far right side!

This goose was not my friend... he tried to bite me!

Tauranga zone!

Welcome Bay at night! 

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