Monday, January 18, 2016

Elder Pene, My New Amigo!

What's up whanau,

Not much to write about this week as it was transfers on Thursday and it was hectic as!

But I'll answer a few of your questions that you sent. Saying goodbye to Jonsson was hard! He didn't take it too well. Pretty sad! I had a great time with him, and he was a solid companion. Definitely one of my good friends! We visited people and said goodbye for the first 3 days of the week. It was hard for him to leave Tauranga, and I don't blame him! I don't want to leave either! But he's the flippin' man! Much respect for my fellow Swedish brotha! 

Elder Pene (PEN-aye) is my new righthand partner in crime! He's the man as well! He originally comes from up north near Whangarei (don't even try to say that name)... then lived in Hamilton for a while when he attended Church College. Then he went on over to Brisbane Australia, where he lives now. So he's a good fella. He knows everyone here! It's mean as! He's 24, and I was his Zone Leader in Glenview when he was in Frankton! Solid athlete...volleyball player, and good at basketball as well. So there you have it!

Other than that, we had to drive to Rotorua again, to bring another car over there this time. That took ages, so we didn't have too much proselyting time this week.  

After that, some sisters in our zone spoiled us, and shouted us $30 worth of food for lunch! Keen as! :)

Oh, funny story. Me and Jonsson last week were walking down the street when I felt the need to go see this little South American woman who lived close. So we walked around the corner and there were some young fellas--a man and his girlfriend. They looked about mid-twenties. So we went up and talked to them. Then the bro said, "Hey brothas, why don't yous come for a feed on Sunday?" So of course we were keen as (even though Jonsson knew he was leaving!) So me and Pene went there last night. We weren't expecting much. They were young, just flatting in Mt. Maunganui. But we rocked up and they had a beautiful feed waiting for us! Holy cow! It was mean as! Chicken, pasta, kumara and potatoes...everything! And the cool part was, they were both non-members. So they were quite interested in who we were. Really cool people! 

Also, going back to Jonsson. When we had all the missionaries there getting ready to get on the bus, we were saying goodbye to everyone. I started getting all their luggage and putting it on the bus. Then all of the sudden, the bus driver just starts ripping me apart! He was being so rude! It was unbelievable. I had all the missionaries around me.. and he was just being so rude to me! I was a little frustrated! But surprisingly I kept my cool, and patted him on the back and said, "Sir.. thank you for letting us ride your bus!" and left! Haha it probably made him even more mad.. but it made me satisfied! 

That's all for now! Love you all heaps! It's not very good weather right now, so we'll probably just go to the chapel and ball today! But I'll talk to you all soon! 

Love you heaps!
Elder Butler

My new comp, Elder Pene. We are teaching this beautiful whanau. :)

Goodbye to the whanau

Whanau #2

Whanau #3

Whanau #4... heaps of Whanau! This is Bishop's family in the Mount Maunganui ward!

(This sister had Mckay's name for Secret Santa, and made a tie out of one of her dresses as his gift. He loves it, and thinks it makes him Tongan. Haha!)

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