Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Church Marathon!

Kia Ora! :)

I don't have much to talk about this week. We were gone all week long, and I didn't even see Elder Jonsson very much. 

We went on 4 exchanges. First: Elder Lovin and Selma in Greerton, Second: Johnson and Tapuosi in Whakatane, Third: Chan-Sau and Tuahivaatetonohiti in Katikati, and Last: Elder Tibbits in Welcome Bay. So It was mean as, but not much work in my area. 

I went to Whakatane on the 31st, and spent my time there for New Years. We were allowed to stay up until 12 again, but I couldn't make it! ;) We played ping pong until 11, and it was so fun! Me and Johnson were talking smack all night! (I'm obviously the better ping pong player!) ;) 

Yesterday I went to church for 9 hours. I thought I was dead! We had PEC and Ward Council at 7 in the morning, and two sacrament meetings. I can only handle the spirit for a certain amount of time...then it gets a little overbearing!! ;) Ha!

So I don't have anything else! Te Naia is still doing so well! It's been beautiful to watch her progress! She has changed her life! But other than that, that was my week! 

BUT...I did want to mention something! I had a feeling a couple of days ago to share this in my weekly email! Jaycee and Baylee - Have you ever thought about going on a mission? If not, start thinking about it! Just watching a few of the sisters in our zone--they remind me a lot of you both! And they are smashing it and changing people's lives and being blessed. I know the same thing can happen to you! Serving a mission is the funnest thing ever! You make heaps of friends, and you feel so good doing it! It can be hard sometimes, but it's so worth it! So think about it okay? You still have a few years, but you need to start thinking now! :) 

That's all!! I love you heaps! :) 

Elder Butler

Ohope Beach.. on the way to Opotiki.

The Bros (left to right) Johnson, Tapuosi, Tonumaipea, Christensen, Jonsson, Butler. 

Elder Butler Smashing Elder Tapuosi in a game of Missionary Flat Ping Pong!

So, these are my kicks. They are different pairs (my only pairs). You could say I love to tract--but that would be an understatement. :)

My finger is going through the hole on the left, and on the right my shoe is smiling. :) (Too much positive energy in that shoe!)

Robin: This is a picture I screenshotted of Mckay and about 200 missionaries from the New Zealand, Hamilton Mission performing a Haka that their mission created and learned. In speaking with him about it, he said it was "ridiculously hard," but that they are going to practice it more and re-do it. If you want to watch a news clip from it, here is the link. Pretty cool. :) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=eLRz_hN_l_4

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