Sunday, October 4, 2015

Milkin' cows... Flippin' Fun As!!


I'm not going to have any friends when I get home!  They'll all be married! So weird.

So this week was alright! We balled hard on Monday! Remember when you asked if Elder Bowman was a WOH? (Waste Of Height) Well he's completely not! He's the flippin' man! He's 6'6 and moves really well!! My mission posterity is full of ballers! ;) So much fun! 

I forgot to mention we had an open house last week. It was pretty mean. We had a nice little barbecue going on with a jumping castle!  It brought me back to the good ol' days at Classic Skating with the bouncy slides! ;) Haha we have some pics, but they're not on my camera.  I'll get them sooner or later. 

Alright... highlight of the week right here! We went on exchanges with Morrinsville. I was with Elder Temanaha, from Tahiti. Morrinsville is about an hour east of Hamilton - or something like that - and it's out in the middle of nowhere. So we went to a part-member family's home... and we milked cows for ages!  They are on a massive farm with 150-ish cows, so a decent amount!  We had to get them all together and paint their tails pink and stick the little suction cups things on them and milk them!  Flippin' fun as! I got crapped on like 10 times! We had poo all over our hands, some on my face, all over! It was the grossest job in the world, but way fun! It was a great experience! We were able to enjoy some of the milk afterwards also... beautiful! It was like straight cream!  I'm sorry I didn't take very many pics of it.  I had poo all over! But when I cleaned up a bit we got some pics...and it STILL got my camera green! :/

We also went to a fireside last night! It was very nice! It's always wonderful feeling the spirit, especially at the temple! boy Wangsgard was there! Daddy himself was at the fireside! I love that guy! We talked for AGES!  He goes home this transfer. I'm so sad. 

Okay, my mom is still sending me pics of engagements from my school.  What's everyone getting married for? Wait for another 10 months so I can enjoy the party aye?  Haha, it seems unreal! 

Well... Life on the mish is still the bomb! Loving it every day, even though it is very difficult! Satan tries to smash us with different trials now and again.... and again!  But we are still working hard. So when I find myself an eternal companion, (like everyone else in the world is doing at the moment)... I can tell her I worked my dang butt off! ;) Haha, It's fun though! I mean that in all humility! ;)

I love you all!  I'm so pumped for conference next week! We get it a week later unfortunately!  So I'm way excited! :) Love ya and miss ya heaps! :)

Elder Butler 

"What pretty tails you have, pretty little cows! HEY..... don't poo on your friends face... That's not nice! See? Look what you did to your friend!" (This is the conversation I had with this cow!) They just unleash like every 2 minutes! ;)

 Me and Temanaha

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