Monday, September 28, 2015

Nothing Beats Temple View

Alright fam...

Starting off, I just want you to know I'm STARVING right now! 1/2 off Subway and my stomach are having a long distance phone call or something... because I can hear it! So this will be short! 

This week we had a temple trip! Even though, being in Glenview, the temple "trip" is right around the block. But it was still amazing! I felt the spirit way hard when I heard them pray for the missionaries here and around the world! It made me feel much better! The temple is such a beautiful place.. I love it so much! New Zealand is a beautiful country, but there's nothing better than Temple View! ;) 

Last Monday.. We cleaned...and cleaned... and cleaned some more! The dang missionaries before us SMASHED the bathroom. There was mold all over the place! So we bought masks and gloves and cleaning supplies.. and cleaned THE WHOLE REST OF THE DAY! Smashed my whole dang P Day! But it looks like a whole new flat! :) 

We took our investigator George to the VC this week! Mean trip! Our investigators are sweet as! They're all our age, so it's heaps of fun. George is a university student who we've been meeting with for a while now. Really good guy! 

I have a few pics for you.. I think.. Maybe 1, but that's better than 0. :) 

I love you heaps!! Thank you for the wonderful emails I received today! I'm so glad Grandma and Grandpa Connolly were able to come see you guys! I miss them heaps as well! Cute little old couple! :) Love 'em! 

Don't be having too much fun without me alright? Thanks! Love ya! Chur!

Elder Butler 
This is our flat by the way… Pretty bad ;-)

Cleaning like a champ! 

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  1. Bro your wearing a TARANAKI shirt one of my Iwis(Tribe) is TARANAKI from my mothers side it is a wonderful place.