Sunday, September 13, 2015

Smashin it with Elder Rios!

Whanau... listen up!! It's E. Butler here. 

This week though... Solid!

My new companion is Elder Rios from Lehi! He's the absolute man!! I knew him before.  We've absolutely smashed it the last few days! I'm so pumped! But I'm for sure leaving in 6 weeks, so I won't be with him for long. He dies in 2 transfers! (He's a baller!!) ;) 

This week I met a professional rugby player! Wow, he was huge! He showed us highlights of his last game! He knocked 2 people out in like 5 minutes, and almost broke a neck! So sweet!  I had to take a pic or 2 with him. His name is Loni Uhila.

Here's about the only story I have this week (because of hectic transfers, I was only in my area from Friday to Sunday). We met the coolest family from Kiribati (said... Kiri-bus). It's a part-member family. The lady went on her mission to Salt Lake, Temple Square! And the bro wasn't a member. We had nice footlongs at Subway right before we got to their house for a lesson, which was a stupid idea. Islanders make mean feeds...all the time! And it's disrespectful to turn down their offers. So of course, they made us a nice big feed. And we had to smash it! BUT... Kiribati culture is so beautiful! ;) They sit on the floor and cross their legs during dinner, and stay there until the head of house is finished. So being polite, I sat on the floor with my legs crossed. (I realized how flexible I am... which is... not even one bit!) I got up about 20 minutes later and pretty much fell back down! My legs were completely stuck! I hurt SO Bad! It was hilarious trying to hobble back down the stairs of the flats and walk all the way to the car! The family was cracking up, while I was dying! Oh, and in the islands it's polite to eat with your hands, so I'm smashing rice and chicken curry and baked beans. Just smash it into a ball and shove it on in! ;) The funny part was we had another dinner that night with a family from England. (so they're proper as!) and I get my food and start picking it up with my hands until I caught myself! Oops, I need a fork and knife! ;) 

That's about all for the week! Transfers was hard! The Glenview Zone Leaders, which is me, set everything up for transfers. Being a zone leader, we have to do all the logistics for everything! Elder Hopoate left me on Tuesday morning, and transfers is Thursday, so I had to do it all by myself! Everything went well, thankfully. So it was crazy as this week. But now, Rios and I will smash it here! SO PUMPED!

*Chur!! ;)
Elder Butler 

*When I asked him what "chur" meant, this was his reply: "HAHAHA "chur" is straight up... a New Zealand thing! Everyone says it! Chur bro... Chur cuzzy! Slang for cheers, I think! ;) ha!"

Loni.. the man!! #rileyinthefuture

Me and the big fella Elder Rios.. doing some Emailing!! #skuxas 

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