Monday, June 1, 2015

Shaking an Apostle's Hand...


I have some bad news for you today.. just 1 though. And heaps of good news! So here you go! 

Starting off with the bad! Keanu!! Dang him! I talked to Elder Fellingham who's in Manurewa right now. He said that Monday, Keanu was great.  He went to the Scanlan's for FHE. Tuesday he came out with them for Member Present lessons. Wednesday, he didn't want them to come over anymore! WHY??? Because he was exposed to Anti-Mormon material!! I'm literally heart broken!! I can't even do anything!! I'm on the opposite side of New Zealand!! :( So that's the first news.. Now on to the good stuff!! 

Elder Taylor is the flippin' man! Matiu didn't have money for a ring. So Elder Taylor took us to the ring shop and bought one for him! The proposal went AWESOME!! They are very excited and just full of joy!! BTW... I don't know if I told you last week, but Matiu was way sick from not smoking. It was making him want to smoke again, so I gave him a priesthood blessing! We came back the next day... "Hey Brotha's!!" He was all better!! :) Miracles!! 

The night of the proposal, we went over to their house and made them dinner! It was a nice little party! But dang Wiki was off showing her ring to all of NZ so we didn't get to see her until we got home from the vacation! 

THE VACATION!! Wow!! It was unreal! Let me just tell you what Elder Cook told us! He was talking about becoming an apostle and being a special witness! He said, "I don't ever tell this much, and hardly ever talk about this!" "And I can't go into much detail because of how spiritual it really is!" "But I want you to know that I know His (the Lord's) voice, I know His image!!" WOW!! When he said that, All my prayers were answered! I received the strongest feeling of the Holy Ghost that I've ever experienced! He TRULY is an apostle of the Lord! the way, I was able to shake his hand also! And when I looked into his eyes... I knew!! When I prayed that night, I felt different! I knew that there is a God. That He is my Father in Heaven, and that He does answer my prayers. He loves me! Amazing experience.. One that I will never forget! 

So we stayed at a hotel for 3 days. The first night when we all arrived, a drunk guy came out of his flat and started yelling at all the missionaries. He came into our room and said a lot of nice things with a lot of nice words. So we had to kindly escort him out of our room and quickly shut the door before he made his way back in! The owner called the cops... hilarious! 

Over all though, it was an amazing week! My love for this work has increased greatly! My knowledge and my testimony have grown! I absolutely love New Zealand... I love the people... and I love Jesus Christ! 

Last but not least, Sister Moore's mom,(this paragraph is for you!!) I heard you read my blog!! Thank you so much!! I saw your daughter the other day and talked to her for a good while!! She is my mission mom (sister training leader when I was being trained.) She is a wonderful missionary, and I'm so sad to see her go soon! She said she's planning on going to Hawaii?? Keep her away from all those poly boys!! ;) 

love you all!! Keep it real in 'merica aye?? 

Elder Butler 

This is my man Matiu!! Flippin' awesome!! 
This is Wiki.. She's crack up as!! I promise we were best buds in the pre-existence. :)

This is our district elders walking to the 3 sisters!! :) 
The 3 sisters. (One of them is behind.) and elephant rock. 
Tunnel! (With Elder Van Thiel) 
The crew. :)

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