Monday, May 25, 2015

The BIG DAY! (and a little BBall!) ;)

Heck of a week bros,

This week has been so solid!! Lemme give you the run down!

Matthew and Wiki are so sick!! They are absolutely amazing!! We started the "Stop smoking program" and they destroyed it!! Matthew said he doesn't even get tempted any more, and you can see the huge change in their countenances! 

This week we secretly stole Matthew from his family and took him out to lunch to discuss the BIG DAY!!! The proposal!! Stay tuned everyone because stuff is going down in Hawera!! Proposal on Thursday!! WOOO!!! We took him ring shopping, found the right one and got it all planned out!! (now...we just need some cha-ching.. but all goods.) They are the coolest family on earth (besides mine of course.) I can't wait for my fam to meet them! 

This week there was this basketball tournament thing at the HUB. Matthew and Wiki played in it. It was just for fun, so I went and shot around at the beginning. They told me to play, so I did. But when the game started, the ref said I couldn't play unless I took my tie and my badge off. So i was like, "Ya nah man... I can't do that! All good though.. I'll just watch!" But the other team said it's all good!! So the refs changed their minds and allowed me to play. Long story short... I had 20 in the first half... missed 1 shot the whole time! After the first half I had to leave. I thanked everyone for letting me play. They all said, "You have to stay!" and the ref said, "Man... If you want to play again next week, just come on over!" I got a good laugh out of it!! Every time I would do something cool I would hear, "Oh my goodness," or "What the heck!?" It was hilarious!! ;) 

So back to Matthew and Wiki. Me and Van Thiel were walking home with Matthew from ring shopping.. and he asks, "How do you go on a mission?" We were thinking he was asking for himself, so we told him all about couples missions. But then he said, "I want Hemi to go on a mission someday!" I was so flippin pumped!! (If i haven't told you already, Matthew and Wiki have two little kids. Hemi their little 2 year old boy, and Manuanui Rose, their little 10 month baby!) We have found the family I've been praying for!! MIRACLES I'm telling ya... MIRACLES!! 

Last but definitely not least.. We're going to have a vacation this week!! We have a Zone Conference in Hammy town, and we're having a mission conference with Elder Quinton L. Cook on Saturday in Auckland!! So pumped!! :) 

That's all fam!! Love you all heaps!! Have a great week.. Don't enjoy the good weather too much!! Send some of it to me please!! The weather here has been straight up awful!! 

Elder Butler 

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