Monday, June 8, 2015

This week... 

Forgive me right now for having a short letter.. but this week came from Satan's hood... also known as Hell! 

We were having church yesterday.. and one of our investigators ex-girlfriends came in all of the sudden and started yelling and swearing at him. So me and Van Thiel had to kindly tell her to shut up and leave.  (It was much kinder than that I promise!)

Matiu and Wiki... holy heck! I swear, If I ever meet Satan, I'm going to give him a nice sock in the eyeballs. This week has been full of drama!! They are preparing for their wedding.. Their parents still hate each other. The extended families have been nothing but horrible! My gosh! I'm sorry for this letter.. You want to know what's happening?.. Well I'm being honest! 

Alright.. there was a little good! We went to Dawson Falls this week.. The sisters weren't able to come, so it wasn't as fun as usual! But it was cool because there was a light rain. So the whole time, we were playing in the clouds! 

That's all!! Sorry everyone.. read next week!! 

Elder Butler 

p.s. Karla Thalman.. here's your shout out!! (I'm terribly sorry I gave a shout out to Sister Moore's mom and not you!!) ;) So I'm way pumped that you're coming to NZ! You have to find me if I'm out of Hawera by then!  Your daughter and her companion are my buds!! Thanks for keeping my dear mother in line while I've been gone!! ;) 


Dawson Falls in the clouds! 

Hiking Mt. Taranaki.. if you look to the left.. that's the massive view of the city! But we're in the clouds.. so it's not there!! ;) 

A statue I found on the mountain. It kind of looked like my sister Jaycee.. So I took a picture of it!! ;) 

I have a new desk mate... I call him Kevin! It was a gift from the Brownings!!  I thought I'd send a pic of him to my sisters!! ;) 

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