Monday, June 29, 2015

Seeing the Fruits of our Labors

My flippin' emails were the BOMB today!! 

One of my favorite families ever, the Scanlans (I baptized Lakopo Scanlan if you can't remember,) just emailed me and said they're planning on going through the temple in November!! Which means I'll be able to go with them!! :) Heck ya!! I'm so glad they're doing so well!! 

Speaking of doing well... I don't know if I told you this already, but Peter Diaz! He and his family were the first baptisms I had in New Zealand! I just got the news that he finally received the Priesthood and is loving the calling of the Ward Librarian!! I almost choked up when I heard that!! So proud and happy for him! 

My family is the best!! My messages from them were cash money!! I love them all!! 

My boy Doughn (Josh) ;) He's the flippin' man!! Farewell soon!! Man, I wish I could hear it!!

So many great things happening in the life of Elder Butler!! My main man Elder Hopoate!! THE MAN!! I love that guy! He's an older missionary so he's very mature and kicked back, but we get along great! I've learned heaps from him the last week or so! I'm going to kill him though... meaning after the next 2 transfers he will be going home! 

Sis Thalman and the fam!! THE BEST!!! I didn't thank you as much as I should have for all the goodies that you gave us (because I thought they were from my mom!) ;) But thank you so much!! You literally saved us from starvation! ;) And it was so nice meeting you! Thank you!!

My bishop, Bishop Taukamo (Toe Kah Moe) is the coolest guy I've ever met! He's hilarious! We were having a nice chat with him the other day.  He was talking about some random people that didn't want to get married because they didn't know if they were meant to be together... and they had children.. and he said, "Man.. you have kids together.... It's too late fo dat cuz!!" You had to be there... but it was hilarious!! My ward mission leader is also the man! MCM feels more like basketball practice with him being our coach!! He is SO dedicated and passionate about serving the Lord it is unreal!! 

I don't have much to say this week.. It literally just flew by!! Being a zone leader, my schedule just got a heck of a lot busier!! But I love it! 

Well that's me whanau!! I'm out!! I love you all!! and I'll see you soon!! ;) Like a year or something!! :) But that's soon enough!! ;) 

Love ya heaps!!
Elder Butler 

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