Monday, May 4, 2015

Missionary Work is Sweet As!!

KIA ORA!!!!!!!! :) 

Another wonderful week!! Nothing too crazy happened.  Just a typical missionary week...but it was wonderful!! 

Starting off, I went on an exchange with my best buddy Elder Waldron! We had a great time! I pray that I'm a Zone Leader with him as my companion someday, because we would flippin' do work!! I love that kid!! 

On Thursday I had my first Hangi (Hong-ee). It was amazing!! So much meat and pumpkin, Kumara and potatoes!! Oh Man!! And the cool part was an investigator was the one who fed us!! But the bad part.. I ate SO much... and just a few hours later we had a dinner appointment at the Hana's!!  They always feed you heaps of food!! I felt like I gained 5kg that day! 

On Saturday we were invited to play basketball at the big sports center in town. A group of about 15 Filipinos from all over the place were getting ready to play in a league. So we played with them! It was awesome to get out my shoes again and play!! (We weren't allowed to wear shorts, just our proselyting clothes, but we got permission to wear our ball shoes!) It was dang fun! There were some crazy good Filipinos!! They asked if we could join their league team, and we said we weren't allowed. They were pretty bummed about that because they said if they had us on their team, they'd win the championship for sure! ;) Elder Canoy threw me an Alley-oop dunk and it made everyone go crazy (I have the beauty mark on my wrist to prove it!!)  It felt so good to be back on the court.  I haven't played like that in ages!! (But I still felt like I was in pretty decent shape!!) 

All of our investigators are doing well. I'll give you an update on Deanne and Steve (the "to be continued" story.) They are an amazing couple.. and so nice and interested! But they are SO busy! They will be in America for the next 5 weeks! I have a feeling that I'm just here to prepare them to receive the Gospel at a later date, because at this rate, they haven't progressed much! They have to battle with sports, all their kids, work, and it's just insane! But I am positive that they will accept it someday!  

We went to visit the Tutauhas this week. They are so hilarious! I can't wait to introduce you to Sister Tutauha. Her prayers will have you cracking up!! SHE BLESSES AND IS THANKFUL FOR EVERYTHING!! I kid you not.. I have to stop myself from laughing every time!! ;) They are beautiful though!! We love "accidentally" visiting them during dinner hours because they ALWAYS have a meal prepared for us...and they're nice as! 

Over all though.. this week has been pretty good! The Spirit was wonderful! I've learned a lot! Grown a lot (still not in height) :/ Missionary work is sweet as!! :) 

love you all!! :)

Elder Butler 

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