Monday, May 11, 2015

Elder Van Thiel Berghuijs...Sent Straight From Heaven!

Whanau, Whanau, Whanau....

What's up, what's up!!! ;) Elder B here reportin' on the week while rollin' in the N to the Z. 

Great week.. Great week!! 

This week was transfers! I finally gave my friendly Filipino a paddle on the skidaddle, and kicked him out of Naki town. I picked myself up a solid as companion straight from the terrifying country of South Africa! Don't try to say his name because I wouldn't want there to be any fatalities back home from trying too hard! It's dutch... Elder Van Thiel Berghuijs! He's the flippin' man! He cooks nice as food, plays sports, and is obedient as!! I'm trying to figure out still if President sent him to me.. or if he came to me straight from heaven. 

It was so awesome talking to the whanau yesterday! I miss your beautiful faces!! 

This week we had a cool little miracle!! So get spiritual for a moment while I lay this on the table!! Brother Michael Tutauha (Dalmon's step dad) was giving the lesson in Elders Quorum about the blessings of Temples. During the story he was telling, he said, "I wish Dalmon was here to listen to this!" And in my mind I was like, "No kidding.. I wish he was also!" All of the sudden, in walks Dalmon in his street clothes. He listened for about the last 15 minutes. At the end of the meeting Dalmon came up to me and said, "Elder Butler, remember the lesson we had about the Plan of Salvation? It all makes sense to me now!!"  It was perfect for him to be there at church at that very time!! It was a miracle!! 

That's about it for now... I told you all the goods yesterday!! But it was wonderful seeing you all! I miss you heaps!! 

Oh.. and a shout out for the best mom ever... "Tia.. happy Mothers Day!!"  (Tia is our dog.)

Just kidding mother dear.. I hope you had the happiest Mother's Day!! Pops... I hope you made it Flippin sweet as for that wonderful woman!! ;) 

Oh.. last thing. We were at an investigators house last night, and on his bookshelf was the book "Guess How Much I Love You!" I had completely forgotten about those cute little rabbits!! And it quickly reminded me of those good ol' days with my sweet mama!! 

Ka Kite ano,
Elder Butler

Me and my new son, Elder Van Thiel Berghuijs!
Playin' a little volley!
Is it working?? Oh...I think it worked.

The Flipping Tutauha family!! LOVE THEM

We went to a culture performance...WAY cool.  But this guy is teaching our members how to do the Haka!  He wanted them to look like "real Maori's," so he threw wigs on them! 


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