Monday, May 18, 2015

Balut Anyone?!

Kia ora, Kia ora!! 

That was a wonderful week.. let me tell ya! 

To start it off, we went to the lake, Lake Rotokare and that was a blast. (even though it rained the whole flippin time!) We took an awesome hike that I have pictures of, so don't get your panties in a bundle! ;) 

On Tuesday we set 3 people for baptism. So I'm going to talk about all of them. We reset Matthew and Wiki. We're planning with Matthew some sick proposal ideas (which I am a professional at,) so they can get married!! SO pumped!! I absolutely love them.. they will be my friends throughout the eternities.. no doubt!! The next one is Selwyn! He's the man! He's part of the Blackpowers gang, which is a massive gang here in NZ. We had an awesome lesson with him last night. I received the prompting to give him a priesthood blessing, and I kid you not...There in front of me was a solid gang member from the Blackpowers wiping away his tears!! I couldn't believe what I was seeing!!  It's amazing to see how the Spirit works with people, and how anyone can change!! Wonderful experience! 

Alright!! The moment you've all been waiting for... I ate Balut this last week!! Man.. it is something else!! The taste is not too bad! But the!! I can't wait to send you the video!! For those of you who don't know what Balut is.. it's the Embryo of a duck or chicken!! Feathers, beak, bones and all!! :) I'll send you some pictures.. but they are pretty graphic... so forgive me. (Robin: don't worry, I am not posting all of these pics.)

There's not much to say this week! It was very successful, let me tell ya!! We achieved the Standards of Excellence this week.. which is very hard to do!! And we're just doing great! People are coming to church, having lessons with us, feeding us.. soon they'll all be flocking to the font!! :) 

That's all for now!! I love you Whanau!! :) 

Elder Butler  
            Lake Rotokare in the rain!! 
                     The lake/hike


"It was definitely the coolest thing I've eaten so far!!"

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