Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Book of Mormon Changes Lives!

Kia Ora everyone!! :) 

This week was just so wonderful!! I have so much to tell you.. but I will start off with my experience yesterday!! 

Yesterday was an absolute miracle!! We've been working with our buddy Terry (this 30 year old Maori guy) since I've been here in Taranaki! Every time we see him, he's depressed, and down! As we started to gain a solid relationship with him, we taught him the restoration (about 3 weeks later!! That's how long it took!!) He really accepted our message and accepted the commitments to read and pray about the Book of Mormon! We went there twice last week and, I kid you not, his whole countenance has changed! He seems so much happier! He was up to 1 Nephi 8, so we helped him understand Lehi's vision. The Spirit was so strong! He even offered to say the prayer at the end (that's something he REFUSES to do every time!!) Long story short.. Yesterday was the first time Brotha Terry has ever stepped foot in the church building (we've been trying for over 2 months to get him there)!!  He had a great experience!! The best part of all though was at the very end! We introduced him to Elder and Sister Taylor and Terry goes up and says, "These two brothas are great representatives of your church!" To hear Terry say that was a miracle!! To know that the last 2 months of seeing him have impacted his life.. was such a blessing!! and just knowing that I am an instrument in the Lord's hands is so wonderful also!! 

Next.. We had an Earthquake!! Taranaki wasn't very bad.. but up north was worse!! All the cans in the pantry fell over.. It was pretty funny!! 

We had a waffle party at the Taylor's last Monday! So sick!! There was heaps of food and ice cream and every single topping you could possibly think of!! It was so much fun! 

We went on exchanges with the other Elders! Party!! 

We went to our Brazilian friend Cassia's birthday party! She taught us how to sing Happy Birthday in Portuguese. I told Sister Lifferth that I now understand why Heavenly Father didn't trust me on a Foreign speaking mission!! Holy cow that language is so hard!! Maori is way easier!! But It was a wonderful time!! She made some delicious food!! :) 

Last.. I was almost bitten by a white tail! Well.. kinda! I was mowing a lawn.. and looked down... and there was a white tail about an inch away from my hand! again.. long story short.. I freaked out and refused to mow the rest of the lawn! 

Well.. sorry my email wasn't too long... I do have so much to say! But when I received my emails today.. I didn't get the best of News from a few people!! My big brotha Ben!! Bless his heart!! I love that kid! And I'm worried sick about Sister Thalman... who comes in to email just minutes after we do.. We usually sit and talk to them while they're starting!! :( So my mind is just somewhere else right now!! But I love you guys!! I wish you were here in NZ to see all the beautiful miracles with me!! Have a wonderful week!! 

Elder Butler 

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