Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Nothing...but Miracles!!

Flippin' goodness

I have so much to say.. but not much time!! 

This week was nothing... but miracles!! Holy Cow!! Starting out.. Matthew and Wiki. We found them and their cute little family. They are a young Maori couple! They are literally our best friends!! We've grown way close to them this week. We set him for baptism the first day.. and have been to their house every day since! They made us dinner last night, and we watched "Meet the Mormons." They came to church and loved it!! 

The second miracle was pretty ridiculously awesome!! We were tracting one day (about 3 weeks ago).. having no success, and came to this Maori house. She said we could come back and that missionaries have been there before! So we FINALLY caught them this last week. She told us that Missionaries came about 4 years ago.. and that her husband kicked them out because he's a staunch Anglican. But their member nephew heard that missionaries had stopped by, and he gave them a Book of Mormon. And the husband took a look at it. And in her own words she said, "It changed him... it changed his life!!" "He quotes the Book of Mormon, He stopped smoking and drinking because of the Book of Mormon, and he has sticky notes all over the place with questions." I was freaking out inside.. (the man was at work!:/ ) So this story will, most likely, be continued!! ;) btw.... That is a family of 6, and Matthew's is a family of 4. We're bringing FAMILIES to the gospel!!! 

I had my first boil up the other day! A big Maori meal... beautiful!! 

I played soccer at Sports Night... totally killed it!! I should have continued playing!! ;) haha totally kidding.. It was way fun though!!

I'm reading the Book of Mormon again... BUT.. this time.. I'm finding as many internal evidences that i possibly can! All the Semitic Idioms, The Cognate Accusatives, the Specific Semitic sentence structures, The engravos, and much more!! It's unreal!! Joseph Smith couldn't have done that without the help of God!! (Engravo: best example is Alma 24:19.. They are mistakes made in the Book of Mormon.. mistakes that couldn't be erased on Gold plates so they had to reword it.. or rewrite the sentence... but if you look at Mormon 9:31.. you'll read why they are important!!) and yes.. i know what you're thinking... By the time i come home.. my Book of Mormon will be as valuable as the Gold Plates themselves!! ;) 

The life has been pretty dang good lately!! I'm definitely not complaining!! ;) The work has been better than ever. Last month, our zone baptized more people than Taranaki has ever achieved...ever! It's amazing!! 

I love you all!! Thank you for all of your wonderful emails!! Keep being great!! 

Ka Kite,
Elder Butler 

The Sisters were taking "Flower Pics"... So I had to shoot one too!! ;)

Standing out over the Rocky Opanaki Beach!! And yes...It was REALLY windy.  The tide was HUGE!!

Lighthouse Trip!!

My New Boys!!

New District Leader!! :) 

Me and Elder/Sister Taylor...my favorite people in the whole wide world!! ;)

Check out this dang storm!! 

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